The Benefits of Rebounding For Children

The Benefits of Rebounding For Children

not only is rebounding great fun,

it's also amazing for your children physically & mentally

Owning a mini fitness trampoline is probably one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family.  Not only is it a fantastic way for us adults to keep fit but there are many benefits for your children as well.

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Physical Benefits For Children

The most obvious reason a child enjoys bouncing on a trampoline is because it is FUN and easy to do. Jumping up and down whether it is with friends outside or inside on a smaller rebounder invokes joy and happiness by stimulating endorphins – the happy hormone.

There is no huge technique needed and rebounding actually helps children find their centre balance.  When using a smaller indoor fitness trampoline, children will need to focus on controlling their movements so that they stay centre of the trampoline and don’t bounce off.  This in turn helps with their co-ordination and sensory skills.

Due to the uneven surface of the mat, trampolines help to improve children’s motor skills. This is because they need to use both sides of the body to stay upright.  In turn this strengthens the muscles around the joints and spine and will encourage them to unknowingly use their core.  The LOW IMPACT effect of rebounding creates more of a cushion like effect on the bones and muscles and will, in the long run be better over higher impact sports like running and jumping on a hard surface.

When bouncing up and down we create a push and pull effect for the lymphatic system. The lymph valves are stimulated to open and close, therefore pushing lymph fluid along the canals more effectively. (Read more on the benefits of rebounding and the function of the lymphatic system here)  When this happens it is easier for our bodies to remove toxins and waste more efficiently.

The circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain is increased, resulting in better concentration and alertness and the cardiovascular effects of rebounding will also strengthen their hearts.

Mental Benefits for Children

Rebounding is a great form of exercise. It can be used not only as a way for children to let off some steam but also as a calming tool.  Often children that suffer with autism, ADHD or cerebral palsy find that bouncing can be a great coping mechanism (See our blog on Rebounding for Special Needs). Some parents encourage the use of a trampoline before & after school or as a break during homework and other activities/duties. This means children have the opportunity to clear away any tension from the day and relax their mind.

When we lived in the UK, Scott would take our rebounders into schools and teach children as part of the Physical Education lessons.  Playing games on the rebounders was a fun way to make the lessons fly by and actually asking the children to use their brains whilst jumping was a brilliant mental stimulation too.  In fact, learning whilst bouncing is key to brain development. Our own children have released a Times Table Maths Series to help a normally boring subject be achieved in a fun and positive way.

Do you have a child that finds it difficult to get to sleep? 

A great way to tackle this issue is to take your mini fitness trampoline outside and bounce in the fresh air.  Ideally children should be participating in at least 60 minutes of physical activity everyday.  This can be anything from swimming to running around with friends, cycling or playing in the park. If the weather is bad and none of these are an option, rebounding inside to a children’s rebounding video can be a wonderful alternative.

So to wrap this blog up, not only is rebounding great fun, it’s also amazing for your children physically & mentally, packed full of health benefits and can be included in your day to day life. Why don’t you suggest using a mini trampoline during physical education at school 😊

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