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Want to get fitter but don't want to pay for an expensive gym membership?

Get healthy and have fun in the comfort of your own home with our fantastic range of workout videos. Why not try our free 7 day trail.

You'll get 5 new videos every month which are NOT on YouTube.

You also get to use videos 1 week earlier before we release them to YouTube.

There are no advert interruptions before, during or at the end of the videos.

You'll have longer videos on our subscription channel ranging from 10-50 minutes.

We can also offer you a personal program involving the videos and looking into healthy eating, plus personal WhatsApp chats if you need any help or advice in your current fitness regime.

Choose from a range of classes, including:

Bounce Fit
Power Weights
Supple Strength
Rhythmic Cycling (Spin)
Low Impact for Older Adults/Clients with Medical Conditions

Youtube Classes

make youR life easier and faster!

Bounce Fit Video

A diverse class using sprung and bungee cord rebounders, bouncing to the beat of the music. See more

Supple Strength Video

A combination of body conditioning and core exercises that will improve flexibility and strength. See more

Low Impact Exercise Video

Whether you have balance issues, medical conditions or are after a fun workout with simple steps, there’ll be something in here to suit your needs standing or seated. See more

Power Weights Video

Choose your weight and join in on our strengthening classes using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and barbells. Lifting to the music to keep you motivated. See more

Step Classes Video

Vibrant, high impact class that’s light hearted and fast paced. Brilliant cardio workout toning your lower body whilst rapidly rising your heart rate. See more

Rhythmic Cycling Video

Pedalling to the beat, seated and standing with hill climbs, sprints and explosive upper body movements. Way more than your average indoor cycling class. See more


Positive Reviews

Give us a call on WhatsApp to discuss membership or to work on a personal program that is suited to you

Scott +44 7947 093400
Claire +52 998 322 8479

What Clients Say

"I found San Fran fitness five years ago with my best friend and it was the best thing for us! I hated any form of exercise before that but Bounce fit has introduced fitness back into my life and made me realise it can be fun! Claire and Scott are passionate about their jobs and their positivity reflects on you during their classes! Thank you so much!"
Katie Raggatt
"I love your YouTube videos - especially your Trampoline workouts. I always know I will have a great workout that will be fun!! I live in the States and so happy to have discovered your channel!!!"
Lori-Ann Gallagher Brammer
"Love all the classes. Scott and Claire make you feel so welcome and the classes are good fun. I don't feel it's a chore to go to the classes. How often do you do a class then eat cake that's been bought in by the instructor and colleagues. My best classes are spin and supple strength. I hate to miss any classes. Good value for money"
Caroline Baxter

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