Rebounding for Lymphatic Health

Rebounding for Lymphatic Health

What is our Lymphatic System Responsible for?

our Lymphatic system relies mainly on exercise & movement

Our lymphatic system plays an important role in our day to day lives.  See it as our body’s rubbish collection, meaning that one of its crucial functions is to eliminate toxins and waste.  By protecting our immune system, it maintains the levels of fluid in our tissues, absorbs digestive fats and removes cellular waste.

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph vessels, nodes and a fluid called lymph. This fluid collects waste, bacteria and damaged cells and drains it into the lymphatic vessels.  Once here it is filtered through the lymph nodes and back out into the bloodstream, where the liver and kidneys remove this waste and finally it is passed out from our body by urine or faeces.

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How our Lymphatic System Functions

In order to work effectively, our lymphatic system relies mainly on movement.  Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pump for assistance and even though it consists of a series of valves, these have a one way tract.  When we exercise our muscles contract causing a pump effect and the valves to open, resulting in the lymph fluid moving forward.

When the lymph nodes get destroyed, damaged or even removed, our lymph fluid doesn’t drain correctly and a build up occurs.  Therefore, exercising becomes a crucial part of manually encouraging the lymph channels to open and start pumping the lymph fluid.

Why Rebounding is so Effective!

Rebounding is more effective than running or swimming due to the up and down motion, as opposed to the forward and back movement that occurs with floor based exercises.  The vertical motion of jumping on a trampoline offers our lymphatic system a push and pull effect, similar to the way the heart pumps blood around our body.  

When we bounce on a mini fitness trampoline, we are not only helping our lymphatic system but we are improving our circulation and increasing the flow of lymph by up to 15 times more.  The force of gravity every time our feet touch the mat encourages a surge of fluid throughout the entire body.  The build up in pressure in your tissues encourages the flow of lymph fluid to keep moving and your main eliminator organs, the liver and kidneys, to correspond immediately.  

Rebounding for just 5-15 minutes a day in the beginning is a great way to get started.  Everyone will react differently when they start rebounding.  Some people can experience a tingling sensation in their skin, others may feel sick and suffer with cramp in their calf muscles and legs.  This is just all part of your body coping with the shock of re-booting your system and the toxins being released.  These symptoms will go away and it is important to continue so that your body can get used to the new exercise you are giving it.

As you become more familiar with your rebounder you will notice that your body will start responding to the health benefits it offers.  Less stress is put on your joints and muscles when we bounce and bone density is actually increased.  You may even find that your bowel movements are more consistent because your digestive system is stimulated.  

Rebounding is such a wonderful investment for our physical and mental health. The fact that something so fun has the ability to heal, strengthen and improve our internal network, means that everyone would hugely benefit from bouncing for at least a few minutes everyday.

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Bouncing is a great low impact exercise

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