Rebounding With Lipedema

Rebounding With Lipedema

What is Lipedema?

The feeling of heaviness can be lifted by softly bouncing

This is a chronic progressive disease characterised by abnormal fat distribution usually in the lower part of the body.  These accumulations of fatty deposits cause painful inflammation, swelling, fluid retention and often bruising in the legs and sometimes arms.  

Lipedema is a common disease found almost soley in women and can be a big challenge to keep under control.  Usually for the majority of us, our lymphatic system does a great job of removing waste and toxins from our body, but for those people suffering with Lipedema, the lymphatic pathways can get blocked as fluid builds up in the fat cells and gets trapped.

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Rebounding Benefits

For many ladies suffering with Lipedema, movement can be a struggle due to the feeling of painful, heavy legs and yet in order to keep the lymphatic system regulating, it is crucial.  This is why Rebounding is such an effective form of exercise that offers a low impact, non invasive alternative to other floor based workouts.  Jumping on a mini trampoline assists the lymphatic system, burns calories, takes a more gentle approach on the joints and limbs and can reduce swelling and discomfort. You can even exercise in the comfort of your own home.

We spoke to 2 of our followers that are Lipedema sufferers and asked them how Rebounding has helped to alleviate the day to day pain they feel in their legs.

Kristen from the Lippy Lifestyle told us -

“Rebounding has been a life changing workout for me personally. I often forget it is a workout because I feel so much lighter with the bungee cords versus jumping on as hard surface.  There are many benefits to Rebounding but the biggest is how it gets my Lymph moving as it should.  Bouncing for at least 5 minutes every hour helps to reduce my swelling.”


Liz from Wiser Health & Fitness told us -

“Being a certified personal trainer with Lipedema can have its challenges as I’ve always enjoyed exercising.  The beauty of Rebounding is that it doesn’t have the hard impact that can damage the connective tissue issues that come with Lipedema, especially around the knees.  I can set the level of exertion I want by the workout that I choose to do – Simple verses Complex!  The feeling of heaviness can be lifted by softly bouncing as the lymph fluid starts to move.  I try to rebound as often as I can.”

Where to Get Started

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Bouncing is a great low impact exercise

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