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Step by Step, 1000 Steps


YouTube – Join me and my family on this lovely beginner workout set at a slower pace of 110BPM. The class takes UNDER 9 MINUTES and there are 3 simple moves that we will have a little play with. Use your stability bar if you have one or find something stable in your house to hold onto.

We have kept away from marching on purpose as this can affect your balance if you are not used to the unstable surface of the rebounder. Keep your exercise safe and when you have mastered this 1,000 step workout, try our 2,000, 3,000 & 4,000 step classes.

5-28 Minutes Bounce For Lipedema Awareness


YouTube – Lipedema is caused by an abnormal accumulation of fat in the body. By stimulating the lymphatic system, we encourage the lymph valves to open and push lymph fluid along the canals, helping to break down fatty tissue and eliminate waste.

This workout is ideal for beginners, anyone with restricted movement or just needing a slower pace.  Bouncing at 110BPM, this is one of our slowest classes and you can do as much or as little of this class as you like.

5 Minutes Introduction in Rebounding


Mar 2023.  

New to rebounding & not sure how long to bounce for or where to start?  Then why not try this 5 minute class to help get you familiar with your trampoline. 

This can be used daily to begin with or even when you need a quick lymphatic boost.

Step by Step, 2000 Steps


YouTubeWe’re back again with 2,000 beautiful bouncing steps. Join me, Scott, my Mum, Jennifer & my Dad, Louis on this journey of trying to improve your balance and stamina in under 20 minutes.

Great for beginners, those with certain medical & older adults. Adapt this class to suit your ability with or without a stability bar. This class can even be performed without a trampoline.

5-18 Minutes Beginners Gentle Bounce


At 120BPM, this is a perfect beginners workout that you can take at your own pace and complete as much as you feel is achievable. Whether that’s 2 minutes, 5 minutes or even the full 18 minutes, enjoy getting used to the feeling of bouncing on a rebounder.

We are keeping the feet in a fixed position, staying in contact with the matt the whole time. If you are an older adult concerned about your balance or a complete beginner, this is a great starting video.

25 minutes Restricted Movement Bounce 110bpm


YouTube – At 110BPM, this bounce session is slowed right down using very small movements with your feet in contact with the mat for the majority of the time.

This workout is one of many Claire and I are bringing out for those who have restricted movement due to an injury, obesity or other medical conditions, age or if you feel challenged with your balance. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable using a rebounder.

Step by Step, 3000 Steps


YouTubeI’m very proud of this Step By Step class. When starting the series, my mum, Jennifer, was struggling to make 2,000 steps due to the heat of our warmer climate in Mexico. But, she came out to rebound every single day and showed signs of massive improvement in her general health and stamina just in 1 month.

This meant, Mum could join us on this 3,000 step workout. So let’s all get inspired, get on our rebounder and smash these steps with my lovely parents.

20 Minutes Beginners Plus Size Bounce


YouTube – It was requested that we offered a workout that was geared towards plus size participants, with a slower paced rhythm throughout the class. This session requires no knee raises or leg kicks but focuses on pushing down through the mat. I will show you how moves can be simplified by holding for counts of two, as well as offering a quicker pace for those who want it. Although the title states plus size, this is an ideal workout for a beginner or anyone needing to go back to basics. 

25 Minutes Low Impact Plus Size Workout 2


YouTube – Back again for part 2 of our plus size workout. If you have already mastered part 1 and want to progress then try this class where we have sped up the music a tiny fraction to 118BPM.

We are keeping the moves simple but in this video we will give you the chance to slightly lift your feet off the mat if you feel confident enough. adapt the moves where you need to but most of all, have fun bouncing with Claire. Jan 2023

26 Minutes Fixed Position Rebounding To Help with Balance


Perfect beginners class if balance is an issue. We bounce the whole way through but your feet stay on the mat and in the same position.

Plenty of arm movements with slight heel and toe lifts at a speed of 120BPM. I recorded this whilst I had a back injury and it really helped loosen my back and set me up for the day.

Use adaptations were necessary and let’s get moving.

15 Minutes Movement & Mobility Bounce


YouTube – A basic, beginners level rebounding class to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your rebounder.

These low impact moves are ideal for members new to rebounding, those with certain types of medical conditions, post natal, post op or low energy days.

10 Minutes Low Impact Rebounding Circuit


This is a lovely little circuit for those days when you don’t want anything too hectic or you are on the road to recovery.

We have 10 moves and are working for 50 secs with a 10 sec recovery time.

20 Minutes Bounce, Fatigue & Low Energy Days


YouTube – We are aiming to help those who are suffering from fatigue. This could be down to a medical condition or you have woken up today feeling like you have low energy.

So if you want to do some exercise but not go crazy, then try out this workout. Circuit system with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds recovery. Stability bar is optional.

30 Minutes Partners Bounce & Weights Circuit



Well, here you go. One person on the rebounder and the other on the floor using weights. Scott is using 6kg (13.2lbs) dumbbells and Claire is using 3kg (6.6lbs). 45 seconds working with 15 seconds rest.

Join us and all the dogs, make sure you have plenty of space when moving and let’s have a laugh together.

Step by Step, 4000 Steps


YouTubeMy mum and dad aren’t in this 4,000 steps workout but we have a wonderful replacement in Claire.

Join us both as we pace our way up to 4,000 steps with simple moves. It’s a great class for those who do not want a crazy bounce.

Adapt your workout by using a stability bar, or make it harder by using weights.

25 Minutes Intro Into Bounce & Barre


Here is an introduction into using your rebounder in a different way.

We begin with warming up the body with some light cardio exercises, followed by a focus on toning the lower body.

If you have a stability bar, remain on the rebounder or follow me on the video as I show you just how versatile your rebounder can be.

25 Minutes Next Step, Learn Choreography


5 sections of building a routine that will help when starting out on a rebounder.

We will repeat the routines so this will help with your memory and getting to know the names of the moves.

Lovely low impact class, enjoy 😊 



YouTube – Day 18 and today’s workout is ideal for anyone that by now may need a rest day.  

7 simple exercises that you can enjoy and use to either focus on your push technique to increase your workout, or maybe you are a beginner and want to get to grips with practicing basic moves. Whatever the reason take time today to think about where you are on your rebounder and what your body is doing.

15 Minutes Beginners Bounce


Beginners class or a rest day, this is ideal to take things a bit easier and just enjoy being on your rebounder.

20 Minutes Beginners Circuits


YouTube – This workout is wonderful for anyone starting out who wants to get to grips with rebounding moves without having the complexity of following a routine.  Or maybe you are having a quiet day and want something that won’t be too taxing on the body.

We are working for 40 seconds with 20 seconds active rest where you perform either a step touch or a march on the spot.

25 Minutes Beginners Bounce, Introduce Weights


YouTube – This is a great video to help you incorporate weights into your workout. We advise that you start with a very low weight and do not go too heavy when bouncing as it will be difficult to control the movements. Take your time to get it right and enjoy.

35 Minutes Low Impact Bounce With Bar


This is a great class to help you progress from our beginners classes without any big movements to your feet and if you are feeling more confident with your balance. The music is slightly faster than our beginners class.

Add a stability bar if you have any worries about balance. Always adapt our classes to suit you.