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8 Minutes Step HIIT


I recorded this video at a time when I needed a challenge. I’d just had Covid and was still recovering from it. I’d also put on some weight and felt sluggish so I wanted something to challenge me and help me feel more dynamic in my daily movement. Oct 2022.

I did this for 30 days, using it as a warm up generally. This class totally took it out of me so prepare for 8 minutes of high impact work. After the 30 days, I was a lot quicker with the moves and it helped improve my cardio. If you want to talk about improving your cardio/strength, please let myself or Claire know and we can help.

10 Minutes Step Boom Blaster


Boom Blaster is exactly what we are going to do today with this Step and weighted workout.

We have 2 sections, with 5 moves in each one.  We will run through the routine twice, making sure we repeat for the left and right side of the body.  I chose to raise my step and use 2kg weights today which is the heaviest I have used so far for a moving / cardio step class.  You will be surprised at how quick the heart rate is ramped up in a short space of time by adding in the weights!

12-24 Minutes Step Bootcamp Workout


High impact exercise on the stepper with this 12 or 24 minute workout. NO MUSIC on this one so get your tunes blasting and let’s do this bootcamp class together.

16 Minutes Step & Booty Band Blast


If you are short on time and want to feel the burn in your leg and glute muscles, then this is the workout for you today.

Using a bootyband to add resistance, we are working for 50 seconds with just 10 seconds rest to get yourself ready for the next move.

Choose your band and height of the step carefully, as its amazing how quick these exercises kick in!

20 Minutes Step and Tone


You can make this class an advanced class by simply adding heavier weights. Alternatively, don’t add weights to make things a little easier.

45 seconds working with 15 seconds recovery, we grab the weights, 2kg (4.4lbs) dumbbells, in the second half of the video.

Squats. lunges and funky music, let’s get set up and do this together.

20 Minutes Step Floor Change Circuit


We know how much you enjoy a double act from myself and Scott and hopefully this class is going to be one that can be played around with depending on your needs and equipment availability.

Originally made as a weighted step class, we have tweaked this and offered adaptations for those who don’t have a stepper or weights.

Join us as we work for 45 seconds with a 15 seconds recovery.

25-50 Minutes Weighted Step Circuit


If you have been stepping for a while but still class yourself as a beginner then this class is a fun one to progress to and use weights with.

We have 4 sections, each 5 minutes long and we alternate between cardio and static weights.  After completing the first round I offer you the chance to raise your stepper and increase your weights if you feel the need.  We then repeat the 4 sections again.  Changing the height of the step will dramatically alter the workout, so enjoy playing around with this class and making it work for you.

30 Minutes Step & Weights Mix


Are you wanting to challenge your balance and arm strength whilst using the stepper?  Then give this workout a blast.  

A perfect mixture of cardio and weights, alternating every 3 minutes between each section.  I decided not to use light weights in the cardio so I could really focus on the stepper, but don’t let that stop you!  In the weighted parts I did just that and pushed myself to really go for it by going as heavy as I thought I could manage.

30 Minutes Bounce & Step Circuits


We had a lot of fun working together. This is a circuit system, 45 seconds with a 15 seconds rest and alternating between the Step and the Rebounder.

If you don’t have a step, you can perform all the moves on the floor. 

Claire shows alternative lower impact options, whereas Scott ramps things up for those of you wanting more!

30 Minutes HIIT Step


Come and smash a HIIT workout on the step. No need to go to the beat of the music on this class. Have a step, mat and lots of energy at the ready.

45 seconds exercise with 15 seconds rest. Adaptions shown in the corner of your screen.

30 Minutes Step with Resistance Band


Lovely 30 minutes step routine incorporating resistance bands.

This is a mixture of cardio and toning. What level will you have your step on?

30 Minutes Fun Step Class


Learn 3 sections and put it all together, easy! 😄

Fun little 30 minutes step routine with Claire. Great for getting your daily steps up.

30 Minutes Step Tabata


20 seconds working, 10 seconds rest, repeating each move twice.

There are 3 rounds of different exercises in this tabata step class so have water to hand and let’s get started.

35 Minutes Fun Step With Simple Transitions


If you are new to Step or finding that some of our other step classes are too fast paced, then give this workout a try.  

In this workout I will show you how to build a routine and easily transition from right to left.

A fun class that will have you wanting to come back for more.

40 Minutes Best Of Step


I think I can say that this has been my best step creation so far!  We have some different moves working around and across the stepper but don’t worry, everything is broken down for ease of learning.

If you love step then this is a must try class.

40 Minutes Intermediate Sweat & Step


If you have mastered the basic step moves, then it’s time to mix things up and tackle this intermediate routine.

45 Minutes Easy Transition Step


Today is all about keeping the routine simple as well as transitioning from right to left.

We are working in sections, where we learn the choreography and repeat it twice, before moving onto a new part.  Each time we add on we return to the beginning to refresh our memories and put it all together. 

A great introduction to Step if you have recently purchased a stepper.

45 Minutes Step With Abs Section


The title says it all. Bring your A game to this workout as we’ll be performing routines on the step with a long section at the end of abdominal and oblique movements.

50 Minutes Step And Weights Circuit


Not for the faint hearted as weights will be used throughout the video.

I’m using 1kg in this session, 1:30 minutes weighted cardio then 1:30 minutes weighted static section.