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35 Minutes Live Rebounding Variation BPM


We have a class that changes the speed of music on each track. The range is 116-158BPM. Don’t let this scare you as I try to use moves that suit the music.

There are squats and abdominal work plus it’s a really fun class so grab a towel and some water and let’s get our bounce on.

14 Minutes Weighted HIIT Rebounding

LEVEL: Intermediate

We know how much you love a quick HIIT class so today’s choice uses a 1kg weight to.

Working for 50 seconds with a 10 second recovery, this class is going to knock your socks off as we get straight into it and utilise the quick pace of 130BPM to raise the heart rate.

40 Minutes Live Supple & Weights


A wonderful class to focus on strength and toning.  

We begin with 3 minutes of rebounding to warm up the body and then we get cracking on this mixed circuit of weights and Supple Strength.  

I used 4kg (8.8lbs) dumbbells.  Please challenge yourself so that by the end of the 50 seconds you are feeling the exercise.

16 Minutes Alternative Abs Part 2


As requested here is part 2 of our Alternative Abs class.  Ideal for a quick hit to the obliques and lower stomach muscles.  

Take time to think about your breathing and how you are using your abdominals to make this as effective as possible.

If you enjoy this class then consider pairing it with part 1!

12 Minutes Pyramid Series, Standing Mix


Another request from the people we love, we’ve added onto the pyramid series with the mix of moves standing.

You know the score, grab some water and a towel and let’s have some fun on this static cycle class. 138BPM of spinning gold.