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50 Minutes Variety Pack Part 2


If you enjoyed part 1 then definitely give this one a go.

No weights needed this time, just your rebounder and yourself.  We have sections of cardio and toning and we alternate between the two so that we are working different body parts.  

This is a class that builds and peaks in the middle to then bring you back down the other side.  By the end of the session you are hopefully going to feel that you have been worked all over!

32 Minutes Kick Boxing Live


If you’re looking for a little trouble then look no further.

Punch & kick your frustration out on the rebounder with a few advanced routines thrown in to challenge your mind and movement abilities. I’m using weight throughout the class, 1 kg dumbbells (2.2lbs).

Be careful as I rhyme my way through part of the class whilst trying not to tie myself into a knot 🤪

30 Minutes Beginners Stability Ball Part 1


If you are new to using a stability ball then this is a wonderful class to start off with.

We begin by using the ball, standing, then moving to sitting and focusing on balance and core strength, finishing things off by allowing the ball to take the majority of our body weight.  

The last part of this class will set you up for Part 2 and progressing into more challenging moves.

30 Minutes Bedtime Bounce & Stretch


Using exercise to calm our thoughts and switch off after a stressful day, is the perfect relaxation tool and this class has been designed with this in mind.

We have 15 minutes of light, gentle bouncing followed by 15 minutes of stretching.  A wonderful class that can be used whenever you feel necessary.

20 Minutes Step Floor Change Circuit


We know how much you enjoy a double act from myself and Scott and hopefully this class is going to be one that can be played around with depending on your needs and equipment availability.

Originally made as a weighted step class, we have tweaked this and offered adaptations for those who don’t have a stepper or weights.

Join us as we work for 45 seconds with a 15 seconds recovery.