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60 Minutes Monthly Care Package


This class has been created for that time of the month where maybe us ladies are not feeling our best.  

We have the perfect combination of 30 minutes gentle rebounding, followed by 30 minutes of wonderful supple strength to ease through any tight and uncomfortable spots. 

45 Minutes Jump To The Stars


This class will not only raise the roof but your heart rate as well as we combine power jumps with fast paced rebounding.

Working on a circuit, you will discover strength in your shoulders and legs with this class that you never knew you had. The question is, can you keep up!

15 Minutes Medicine Ball Ab Workout


If you fancy an ab and oblique workout that’s a little different, look no further! Grab your medicine ball or football or stability ball and try this no bouncing class where we stand, sit and hold positions.

Plenty of adaptations for each exercise, there’s even a move called pass the parcel. Gift yourself with this session :()

13 Minutes Bells, Bells, Bells, Full Body Pt2


Working for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest and preparation for the next movement, this class can be used as a beginner class with low weights, progressing to heavier weights when you feel more confident.

9 full body exercises using a barbell, a dumbbell and a kettlebell. Most sets can be adapted by using a different bell. I would like you to challenge yourself and go for medium/heavy weights.

Mini Stretch Series, Glutes


Focusing on glutes, you have 6 minutes of beautiful stretches.

Use this class if you are feeling tight in that area or after a good session of rebounding, step or spin.

30 Minutes Plus Size Series Part 3


A request from a magnificent member of another Plus Size workout but this time incorporating a little more fun choreography.  As with the other classes in this series, this is a progression from part 1 & 2, meaning the routine will be slightly more challenging if you are new to rebounding but still set at a slower pace.  

I hope that for those of you that are experienced rebounders this can be another low impact option for a quieter day.