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40 Minutes SBW Mix


This 40 min class combines Supple Strength, Bouncing and Weights in one session. 

We begin by warming up the muscles with movement on the floor, then transferring onto our trampoline and increasing the heart rate with cardiovascular exercises, before finally rounding things off nicely with our heavier weighted section.

In the weights part we are slowing things down on the final run through, so you may want to have a lighter weight as an alternative option if you have gone heavy today. Play around with it and see what works.

10 Minutes Rebounding For Recovery


This class has been designed for anyone who has taken time off from exercise due to illness or injury.

This is a silent workout where you have the option to either follow along with me, or just spend 10 mins bouncing on your rebounder, listening to the music as if we were together side by side.  

There is no right or wrong with this class today because it is about slowly getting your energy back and using the benefits of rebounding to help cleanse your lymphatic system with gentle movement.

10 Minutes Back Workout


Part of the 10 Minutes Single Muscle Series, I was asked by one of you lovely people to come up with quick Power Weight classes that involves just one muscle as the main focus (primary muscle).

Here is the back workout using dumbbells. Great add on class to your cardio or link this together with another 10 minutes single muscle class.

10 Minutes Abs & Obliques


We are using different positions to workout our abdominals and obliques. 30 seconds of exercise with only 5 seconds to change to the next position. 

Dumbbells are optional. just as an adaptation to show you different positions for those of you who struggle with weak wrists. 10 minutes will fly by!

10 Minutes Step Boom Blaster


Boom Blaster is exactly what we are going to do today with this Step and weighted workout.

We have 2 sections, with 5 moves in each one.  We will run through the routine twice, making sure we repeat for the left and right side of the body.  I chose to raise my step and use 2kg weights today which is the heaviest I have used so far for a moving / cardio step class.  You will be surprised at how quick the heart rate is ramped up in a short space of time by adding in the weights!