Rhythmic Cycling

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15 Minutes Get Your Legs Going Cycle


Staying seated the whole way through this video, the pace is set at a great speed that will get your legs and body ready for the next video.

Can also be used to finish you off, just really increase the resistance for an intense workout.

Another session requested by one of you guys!

20 Minutes Seated Rhythmic Cycle


Yes, I managed to keep my bottom on the saddle for 20 minutes!  This workout can be used on any stationery bike as there is no standing.

The first 10 minutes are at 120BPM with one minute single time and the next minute double time. The next 10 minutes includes a gradual resistance incline, starting at medium and going up to hard resistance with the music increasing speed to 150BPM. Stick to the beat, keep your cycling safe and join me on this class.

20-40 Minutes Half and Half


After a few comments from you lovely lot, I put together a Rhythmic Cycling class with 2:30 minutes of standing and seated, alternating between the two. There’s a lovely surprise for you at the end which involves ramping up your resistance and ………………………?

Choose your time, a great spot to choose for beginners is 20 minutes and increase your time gradually as you get used to it.

25 Minutes Go With The Flow Cycle


25 minutes of joyful cycling. Nothing too crazy with standing and seated movements. Fantastic class if you fancy a decent cardio workout. Use your resistance to give you that extra burn!

25 Minutes Beginners Rhythmic Cycling


Go at your pace and introduce yourself safely into indoor cycling. Lovely 25 minutes class to ease you into the movement of your pedals and the different techniques we use in a class. Take your time, get used to your bike and if you have any questions, let us know via email or on our private members page on Facebook, SanFran Fitness Website Members Group.

30 Minutes Progressive Rhythmic Cycling


Spinning at a slow and comfortable 120BPM to start our warm up then increasing the speed of the music by 4BPM every 5 minutes to 140BPM. I’ve included standing and seated pedalling with hill climbs, arm movements and hovers. Great mixed class for all abilities.

30 Minutes Rhythmic Cycling


A fun 30 minutes indoor cycling session where we start off light, gradually building up to fast sprints and hill climbs. Use your resistance to stay in time with the music and add more or less depending on how hard you wish to work.

45 Minutes Build Up Rhythmic Cycle


Build it up, buttercup! Building up the moves and swapping our leading leg. This workout will get your brain thinking and challenge your coordination. 128BPM, so comfortable speed for all levels. To make the class harder/easier, adjust your resistance.

Good luck 🤞 

45 Minutes Double Time Intervals Cycling


Straight into the class today with an easy warm up. 5 sections of 8 minutes, 5 minutes of different cycling movements with a 2:30 minute double time section which means fast but controlled pedalling. 30 seconds at the end of each section to get back to single time. Keep this workout safe and go at your pace.

45 Minutes Max Effort Warm Up And Hill Climb


Requested by one of our own, we start with a 2 minute easy warm up, then 6 rounds of 20 seconds maximum effort, 70 seconds recovery. Trust me, you’ll need the rest! Then to finish you off, a hill climb standing and seated. Use your resistance wisely, slow increases with high resistance at the top of the hill.

45 Minutes Rhythmic Cycling


Get your spin shoes on and prepare yourself for a class full of variety and big movements. Great if you’re new to Rhythmic Cycling or an experienced rider. Spin to the beat and enjoy.

45 Minutes Intermediate Rhythmic Cycling


Turn your resistance up a little higher and get your butt off the seat for this indoor cycling class. Test yourself but always stick to the beat.