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Adaptations For Plank Position


I put this demonstration together as some of our members had a discussion about it on our private Facebook group. (Well done gang)

Plank can be difficult in different ways. For me, I struggle with a shoulder injury and Claire struggles with her wrists. So it’s finding a position where you can hold plank that is comfortable for you and will not cause stress to problem areas. Claire and I are here for you should you need further advise. Ultimately, if this position causes you pain, don’t do it.

Press Up Adaptations


A quick video to show you some ways of adapting a press up. Remember to keep your body in line, keep your movement slow and controlled  and look forward. Give yourself a goal with this exercise and try to improve on that.

10 Minutes Abs & Obliques


We are using different positions to workout our abdominals and obliques. 30 seconds of exercise with only 5 seconds to change to the next position. 

Dumbbells are optional. just as an adaptation to show you different positions for those of you who struggle with weak wrists. 10 minutes will fly by!

10 Minutes Battle Ropes


It’s only 10 minutes, it’s only 10 minutes!!! Battle ropes completely zap me of all my energy as my ropes are shipping ropes made in Chatham Dockyard, so they are like shifting a dead weight.

Saying that, I do enjoy the battle ropes and putting in 100% effort so don’t be afraid to try this class if your ropes are sitting lonely in the corner.

10 mins, 20 mins or 30 Minutes Abs


3 sets of 10 minutes, each set is different with the second set using a medicine ball and the third set is holding body position. Use what ever you have to hand like a football, netball and go for 1,2 or 3 sets.

14 Minutes Alternative Abs


Different moves showing you ways of using your abdominals and obliques without doing crunches and sit ups. 32 repetitions of each, a great ending to any workout.

12-24 Minutes Step Bootcamp Workout


High impact exercise on the stepper with this 12 or 24 minute workout. NO MUSIC on this one so get your tunes blasting and let’s do this bootcamp class together.

30 Minutes Tyre Flipping Fun


I’m so excited for you guys to try this video. Go and get yourself a suitable tractor tyre (you can generally get them for free) and let’s flip them like burgers! Ok, you need a tyre that is big enough for you to jump into, heavy enough so lifting and flipping is a challenge and a tyre that takes your weight when standing on it. I’d love to see some pictures and videos of you trying this class. Send them on our private Facebook group or on the SanFran Fitness Facebook page.

Strength Program


Are you ready for your 21 day strength challenge? Click on the blue button to access the program.

If it’s your first time, please watch the introduction and remember to keep your workouts safe. Message us if we can help.

Movement Program


Are you ready for your 21 day movement challenge? Click on the blue button to access the program.

Scott and I will be joining you on this program so reach out if we can help and keep us updated on progress in our Facebook group.

Personal Program


Personalised programs that are specific to the needs and abilities of individual members. Contact Scott and Claire and ask for a program suited to you. Take a look at this example.