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35 Minutes Bounce With Booty Bands


This is the first workout where we use the booty bands but please do not worry if you don’t have any. You can still participate in this class and get some booty activation.

I am using a light band for this, so choose what will challenge your quads and glutes and let’s have some fun with a mixture of cardio and toning exercises.

42 Minutes 2021 Bounce and Toning


2 rounds of 21 minutes making this a great 42 minute workout. Cardio to start off with, finishing with toning. Get 2021 off to a flying start.

50 Minutes Can You Barre It Bounce!


Whether you have a stability bar or not we have made sure that everyone can enjoy this class.  As you can see in the top left hand corner there is the option of moves if you don’t have a bar.

This workout will have your heart rate ramped up by the time we run through the second round of moves, especially if you are able to join me on the explosive jumps. 

Remember if you are doing this workout without the bar, then focus on intensifying things by pushing down through the mat and using your arms for big movements.

50 Minutes Bounce Fit & Stability Ball Class


Focusing on the legs and abdominal area on this Bounce Fit class, prepare yourselves for a long workout. We begin with cardio to warm up the muscles, finishing with an abdominal section using the stability ball. Adapt the class and use a football, netball or any form of ball.

55 Minutes Bounce, Weights and Abs


A massive 55 minutes worth of sweating with this bounce, weights and abs video. Find a weight that is suitable for your abilities (I’m using 1kg) or don’t use weights at all. This workout is for you so adapt the class to make this an enjoyable fitness class.