Supple Strength

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8 Minutes Hip Variation Stretches


Using a chair is a lovely way to stretch your hips without too much difficulty.  

Today we have some variations that you can practice anywhere as long as you have a chair.

10 Minutes Bed Stretches


Mar 2023.

You don’t even have to get dressed for this one or move out of your bed because these exercises can all be done when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

10 Minutes Warm Up


A nice floor based warm up video that you can use before any of our other workouts.

10 Minutes, 6 Stretches For Lower Back Pain


Jan 2023.  There maybe times in our lives where aches and pains creep in and our back is often the place that gets targeted.

Today I have created a gentle class for anyone suffering with lower back pain.  It is important to listen to how your body responds to these exercises and to do them regularly in order to feel the benefit and to hopefully release tension. Please remember to breathe through each exercise.

12 Minutes Cool Down


Sometimes we just want a little bit more us time, so this video will be perfect to finalise your workout of the day.

12 Minutes Dynamic Stretching


This class has been designed so that you can use it either as a warm up before your main class or a cool down. If you have had a sedentary day, try this video to get your joints and your body moving.

15 Minutes Morning Wake Up Supple


Sometimes our body is not ready to go straight into a workout and we need to wake up gently.

This workout can easily be used on its own or as a warm up, depending on how much time you have.

15 Minutes Leg & Hip Stretch


Do you wake up stiff or suffer from niggling leg & hip pain?

This add on workout could be ideal to keep your lower body problems at bay.

Perfect to use in the morning, at the end of the day or even after an intense workout.

15 Minutes Relaxation


Take some time out for yourself and relax with me. This is a great video after a tough workout or after a long day. This was requested by a member. If you have any ideas for a video you would like to see, send us an email and we’ll do our best to produce a video.

16 Minutes Back Stretches


Do you wake up stiff or suffer from niggling back pain?

This add on workout could be ideal to keep your back problems at bay.

Perfect to use in the morning or at the end of the day, or even after an intense workout.

17 Minutes Good Morning Full Body Stretch


Some mornings, all we want to do is wake up the body gradually with some gentle exercise.

This class is all about the movement and listening to your body and being aware of how it responds to the exercises.  

A great pre-workout warm up or ideal for a rest day.

18 Minutes Stability Ball Circuit


In this class we have the opportunity to play around with different sizes of stability balls if you have that option.

Working on a circuit, we focus on core strength and balance.  A lovely add on class to practice.

20 Minutes Stability Ball Part 3


Part 3 and a little different from the other workouts in this series. Working on the ball, on the floor with the ball and sitting on the ball completing some different movements.

A real mixture of full body exercises great for your core and balance.

20 Minutes Supple Strength Circuits


20 moves, 10 standing and 10 on the floor. 45 seconds working with 15 seconds recovery. Roll out your mat and let’s fly through this circuit.

20 Minutes Supple Strength and Low Weights


Today I have added in a weight just to add a little bit more resistance to the workout. I am using a 2kg, so choose a weight that is suitable for you.

24 Minutes Relax & Unwind Supple Strength


If you have woken up feeling stiff or you’ve had a tough day, try this lovely workout.

Starting with some deep breathing, we begin on the floor, slowly working our way up to some movements standing.

Give your body some loving and relax your mind.

25 Minutes Intermediate Flow Part 1


If you are wanting to challenge your supple skills and liven up the pace of what you have already learnt, then come and join me in this class today.

I have chosen moves that flow from one to the next in order to keep the muscles stimulated and your whole body working.

25 Minutes Intermediate Flow Part 2


Nov 2022.  This class focuses on balance and control.  If you have already completed Part 1 of the Intermediate flow, then this workout will follow on straight away.  

Like with Part 1, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you find the balancing exercises tricky.  Slow things down, take your time and concentrate on using your core stability.

25 Minutes My Favourite Abs


Come and join me in some of my favourite abdominal exercises. Let’s dig deep and isolate that area.

This is great as an add on class.

25 Minutes Lets Get Stretchy


Great Supple Strength video for after a tough cardio or resistance workout. Reward your muscles by giving them a good stretch. Remember it’s really important to stretch your muscles after exercise and this is there perfect video to help you through your cool down.

25 Minutes Feel Good Supple Strength


Grab a mat and a chair and off we go on this feel good Supple Strength workout. Some lovely slow movements in this class that can be adapted to make the stretch easier or harder. 

25 Minutes Supple Strength Slide


Slide and glide on a tiled or wooden floor. Holding body position whilst you slide your feet on the floor. This is a great all body workout with special attention to the trunk of the body, your core.

25 Minutes Supple Core Workout


Come to the beach with us and try this 25 minute workout to help strengthen up your core.

30 Minutes Supple Arms & Legs Focus


This workout is a re-make of two classes pushed into one with no repeats.  A great session to take on holiday with you because no equipment is needed apart from yourself.  A lovely set of exercises focusing on your arms and legs.

30 Minutes Afternoon Stretch


Nov 2022. This live class was held in the afternoon and it was wonderful to take time out of a usual busy schedule and slow things down.

Using a combination of moving and static poses, we focused on stretching the main muscle groups in the legs, getting movement through the spinal cord and opening up our body.

This class can be used at any point during your day when you are looking to calm your mind and relax the body.

30 Minutes Supple, My Favourite Legs


Similar to my favourite abs workout,  this is all about my preferred leg exercises.

We have 15 moves where we will repeating each exercise around 16 times.  The last 4 moves allow you to add in the option of a booty band for added resistance.

30 Minutes Strengthen & Lengthen Supple


This workout will be ideal either as a warm up or to tack onto the end of a session as a nice little finisher.  A great full body class that will help to strengthen and lengthen.

30 Minutes Introduction to Supple Strength


For anyone wanting to get into the Supple Strength side of things, this circuit is a great introduction to moving your body.

This can be used for all levels of abilities and can be adapted to make it easier or harder.

Play around with this workout and have fun helping your body to become more supple.

30 Minutes Isolate the Abdominals


This workout is all about slowing movements down to concentrate on isolating the abdominal muscles.  Posture is key here, so please do be aware of how your body responds and what parts we are trying to keep still!

30 Minutes Stability Ball With Weights


This workout is a combination of using the Stability Ball and weights.  Depending on the size of the weight you choose, this can be a challenging workout when it comes to maintaining balance. Enjoy and thank you to the member that suggested this workout, it was a lot of fun.

30 Minutes Recoup and Recover Supple


Great flowing movement video that is meant for those on a rest day, pre or post natal clients, customers recovering from an injury or operation and those with medical conditions. This workout can also be used after a hard workout as a stretch and cool down if you have time.

30 Minutes Supple Strength With Weights


Keep the weights low (between 0.5-2kg) and let’s go for a slow, controlled Supple Strength movement class. Weights are optional.

30 Minutes Stability ball supple, Part 2


Here we challenge your balance and core a little bit more with the stability ball.  You ideally need a large ball so that you can put your full body weight onto it. Take it at your pace, use adaptions where needed and remember, practice makes perfect.

35 Minutes Beginners Stability Ball


This is a fantastic introduction into using the stability ball. It will help you get to grips with balance on the ball using all the small muscles around your body to help keep you stable.

35 Minutes Booty Band Supple


Grab your bootyband and lets get the legs and glutes fired up.  

We begin with a little warm up to ease your body in gently and then I have chosen to use a light resistance band to work through a series of exercises.  Depending on how stretchy your bands are, you may want to go stronger or lighter. So play around with this workout and see what strength suits you.

40 Minutes Live Supple & Weights


A wonderful class to focus on strength and toning.  

We begin with 3 minutes of rebounding to warm up the body and then we get cracking on this mixed circuit of weights and Supple Strength.  

I used 4kg (8.8lbs) dumbbells.  Please challenge yourself so that by the end of the 50 seconds you are feeling the exercise.

40 Minutes Deep Stretch With Hip Focus


I will never forget teaching this live class because half way through it absolutely poured it down with rain!  Too be honest, it’s worth watching just for this reason 🤪 

If you are suffering with a bad back, achey legs, tight glutes or sore hips then this class is going to hopefully alleviate those symptoms.  Using a combination of static and moving poses to get deep into those muscles, this class is ideal for a rest day or after a tough session.

40 Minutes Supple to Improve Balance


Feb 2023.  

Focusing on improving balance, we are using light weights as more of a challenge (this is optional).

I’m using 2kgs dumbbells (4.4lbs) with different moves using one and both the weights, so choose your dumbbells to suit your ability.

45 Minutes Supple Flow With Adaptations


This supple strength class has all our bread and butter moves but with plenty of adaptations if you still class yourself as a beginner. 

The moves flows into each other with work on the whole body as we transition from floor to standing and back down to the floor.  Please use the adaptions where needed because its all about building strength as you continue to practice this style of workout.

45 Minutes Low Impact Supple


Use this session and make it your own. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and this is a great workout to give you the opportunity to try using different sizes of weights, whilst still keeping everything Low Impact. I begin by using a 1kg for Round 1 and then repeating the exercises in Round 2 but using a 2kg to add more intensity.

The weights are optional, so no pressure to use any at all. All you will need is a chair for some moves.

50 Minutes Moving Supple Strength


What music inspires you? Put some tracks on that motivate you to push deep into those stretches and work your muscles. Whether it’s some gentle music or something heavy, stick it on and let’s move together.

55 Minutes Strengthening Supple


If you have an achy body then take some time out with this workout and give your muscles what they deserve, some moving supple.