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10 Minutes Rebounding For Recovery


This class has been designed for anyone who has taken time off from exercise due to illness or injury.

This is a silent workout where you have the option to either follow along with me, or just spend 10 mins bouncing on your rebounder, listening to the music as if we were together side by side.  

There is no right or wrong with this class today because it is about slowly getting your energy back and using the benefits of rebounding to help cleanse your lymphatic system with gentle movement.

10 Minutes Bounce & Box Add On


With or without a partner, with or without a boxing bag, with or without boxing gloves! I don’t mind how you adapt this class as there are many ways to box to the beat. You can shadow box if it’s just you or use a boxing bag to smash. If you are lucky enough to train with a partner then you can both bounce and shadow box together or one uses pads then you redo the video and swap rolls. Enough from me, ding, ding, round 1!

10 Minutes Low Impact Rebounding Circuit


This is a lovely little circuit for those days when you don’t want anything too hectic or you are on the road to recovery.

We have 10 moves and are working for 50 secs with a 10 sec recovery time.

10 Minutes Cardio Blast Bounce, 140BPM


If you have a little left in your tank after a workout, try this 10 minutes bounce at 140BPM. This should finish you off for the day!

10 Minutes Bilingual HIIT


YouTube – A quick 10 minutes HIIT session in Spanish and in English. It’s time we tried out our basic Spanish speaking skills whilst bouncing on the rebounder. Vamenos!!!

10 Minutes Intermediate HIIT Bounce Fit


YouTube – There is a warm up and cool down which makes the video almost 17 minutes so if you have time, do the whole video. Remember with HIIT, it’s about maximum effort so push down hard on the mat and let’s get sweaty.

10 Minutes 8-16 repetitions Bounce Fit


YouTube – Starting with at 8 repetitions of a move, then 8 reps of another and continuing to the end where we increase the repetitions to 16 of which I repeat and then back down to 8. Great simple class that is effective as a warm up or tag it at the end of a workout to give yourself that extra bit of cardio.

10 Minutes Lymphatic System Bounce


YouTube – Let’s flush out those toxins within the body and keep fit and healthy. The natural bounce of the rebounder helps activate your bodies lymphatic system with the change of gravity on the up and down motion of your movement. 10 minutes of healthy bounce.

10 Minutes Quick Bounce Fit


YouTube – Wakey wakey, here is a short workout you can grab and go. A great way to start your day or even when you come home to let the dogs out!! Have fun peeps and remember it’s all about pushing hard into the mat.

12 Ways to Spice Up A Jumping Jack


YouTube – Jumping Jacks, Star Jumps, whatever you call them, give this 12 minutes of bouncing goodness a try.

The speed of the music is 132 BPM so it will definitely get your heart racing and wake your body up for some rebounding cardio.

14 Minutes Bounce to Strengthen Legs


A great add on video that targets the legs and help to tone and condition. Push down hard into the mat to really give your legs a good workout.

15 Minutes Movement & Mobility Bounce


YouTube – A basic, beginners level rebounding class to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your rebounder.

These low impact moves are ideal for members with certain types of medical conditions, post natal, post op or low energy days.

15 Minutes Beginners Bounce


Beginners class or a rest day, this is ideal to take things a bit easier and just enjoy being on your rebounder.

15 Minutes Bounce Fit HIIT 135BPM


Hold on to your horses, this session is fast. 20 seconds of a movement, 10 seconds recovery or complete a simple exercise (basic bounce etc). The music is 135BPM so come join me and send us an email after to let us know how you got on and what you thought of the speed.

15 Minutes Your Moves, Your Bounce


YouTube – You chose the moves and Claire delivered the class. What is your favourite move? Our classes are for you, we’re always happy to run a video that is suited to you. It’s important to us that you enjoy your fitness so keep your ideas coming. Enjoy the shout outs!

15 Minutes Bounce and Weights


YouTube – If you are short on time then this is the workout for you. Maybe use a slightly heavier weight to help you work harder when time is precious.

16 Minutes Bounce HIIT 135BPM


The reason Claire and I love you guys so much is because you give us some wonderful ideas for new classes.

You asked for a quick Bounce HIIT to do during your lunch break, well here it is.

135BPM workout so bounce hard, keep up and enjoy this one.

18 Minutes Advanced Bounce With Bar


YouTube – Hold on to your stability bar as this class is going to get your heart rate up with lots of high bouncing and jumps.

20 Minutes Rebounding Jog & Abs


Get your legs moving with this 20 minutes workout switching form jogging to core work, there’s even a cheeky move requested a long time ago thrown in just for fun, although, remember to keep your rebounding safe please.

20 Minutes Followers Choice Fun Choreography


YouTube – We had some fun filming this class and trust me, we practised this one a lot! It’s a workout where it’s easy to make a mistake as the choreography starts with more repetition but then decreases as time moves on. In other words, switch your brain on for this one and don’t get your legs tangled up 😁

Adapt this class by using weights or try a light bounce for a low impact option.

20 Minutes Power Bounce


Power Bounce is all about the grab and go workout when you are short on time.  Today we are grouping the moves together just to help challenge the mind and co-ordination and ramp things up and keep it fun.

20 Minutes Birthday Bonanza of Bouncing


YouTube – Happy Birthday to us! Here is 20 minutes of some basic moves, adaptions, fun moves and our favourite moves. Look out for the Tina Turner and the Babs Fling! 😄🥳

It starts off with a great warm up and increases on the intensity and the fun! So, it doesn’t matter what level you feel your fitness is at, join us for some bouncing goodness.

20 Minutes Bounce, Fatigue & Low Energy Days


YouTube – We are aiming to help those who are suffering from fatigue. This could be down to a medical condition or you have woken up today feeling like you have low energy.

So if you want to do some exercise but not go crazy, then try out this workout. Circuit system with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds recovery. Stability bar is optional.

20 Minutes Beginners Plus Size Bounce


YouTube – It was requested that we offered a workout that was geared towards plus size participants, with a slower paced rhythm throughout the class. This session requires no knee raises or leg kicks but focuses on pushing down through the mat. I will show you how moves can be simplified by holding for counts of two, as well as offering a quicker pace for those who want it. Although the title states plus size, this is an ideal workout for a beginner or anyone needing to go back to basics. 

20 Minutes Beginners Circuits


YouTube – This workout is wonderful for anyone starting out who wants to get to grips with rebounding moves without having the complexity of following a routine.  Or maybe you are having a quiet day and want something that won’t be too taxing on the body.

20 Minutes Tabata Bounce Fit


YouTube – 20 minutes Tabata that is 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds rest, each exercise is repeated twice. 

20 Minutes Intermediate Bounce circuits


YouTube – With or without weights, this 20 minutes circuit class is going to test your muscles the whole way through. Bring your towel as this workout will make you sweat.

20 Minutes Bounce and Turn


YouTube – How good is your balance on the rebounder? There are lots of moves to challenge your balance but please remember to keep your exercise safe. Twisting this way and that with full turns and quarter turns, enjoy this class!

20 Minutes Bounce Fit Tabata


20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds either bouncing or resting. 20 minutes of cardio with Claire, go for it!

20 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


Exercise doesn’t have to be too serious, it’s also about enjoying what you are doing. So for 20 minutes, get everything off your mind and have some fun.

20-40 Minutes Intermediate Bounce 132BPM


Here we have a re-make on a video that we did 2 years ago but we’ve jazzed it up and sped the workout up so it’s like a completely new workout! There are 2 parts so choose whether you have time for 20 minutes or 40 minutes. Ready to sweat on this mega cardio session?

20-40 Minutes Bounce and Weights Circuit


20 or 40 minutes of Bounce Fit circuits with weights (optional). You choose your time, you choose your weights and lets get bouncing.

10,000 Steps Bounce


Do you need to make up your steps for the day? Are you on a rest day and fancy joining me to complete 10,000 steps? Whatever your goals are today, enjoy marching it out and some light bouncing with me.

This is a long video, well over an hour of movement so give yourself a goal and let’s do some low impact movement.