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21 Minutes Jogging Bounce Fit


YouTube – Why go out on the streets and jog when you can do it at home, with me on your rebounder. Lower Impact, better for your body and let’s be honest, a lot more fun!

132BPM with movements based around jogging. Come and get your sweat on in this high energy bounce.

21 Minutes 2021 Bounce Fit HIIT Workout


YouTube – Let’s start off 2021 with a bang!! 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds recovery or a basic move. 21 moves of variants of jumping jacks and knee raises.

24 Minutes Intermediate Your Favourite Moves


YouTube – Another video of your favourite moves that you requested. Keep an eye out for your name to appear on the move that you requested. Yes, this is a fun workout but it’s also a tough little cardio workout too.

24 Minutes Card Game Bounce Fit


YouTube – For our 40th Birthday’s in October 2020 we decided to work together and give you this easy to follow card game on the rebounder. 54 cards including 2 jokers with 4 moves. It sounds simple and it is simple. Come and have some fun.

24 Minutes Advanced Bounce Fit


YouTube – Prepare yourself for plenty of sweating on this advanced class. Keep pushing firmly into the mat and this will make your effort levels rocket and massively increase your calorie burn.

24 Minutes All Over Body Bounce Fit Circuit


YouTube – Great all over session working your arms, legs and core. On and off the trampoline using weights whilst on the rebounder. Grab your mat and some weights and let’s start burning calories.

24 Minutes Bounce Fit Workout


Haven’t got a lot of time? Get stuck into this quick workout. Its 24 minutes long and will set you up for the day!

25 Minutes Intro Into Bounce & Barre


Here is an introduction into using your rebounder in a different way.

We begin with warming up the body with some light cardio exercises, followed by a focus on toning the lower body.

If you have a stability bar, remain on the rebounder or follow me on the video as I show you just how versatile your rebounder can be.

25 Minutes Your Moves, Your Circuit


Try our 25 Minutes Your Moves, Your Circuit. These moves were requested by you, our followers. The music is at a medium pace and you have the option of using small dumbbells or weights.

Fitness is all about enjoying yourself so jump on a rebounder, keep your movements safe and have fun with Claire on this delightful number.

25 Minutes Bounce Mash Up, Kettlebell


Another Bounce and Power Weights Mash Up! This time, I’m using a single 12kg (26lbs) kettlebell. Change it to a dumbbell if you don’t have a kettlebell.

It’s only a 25 minutes workout so give this a go and enjoy using resistance whilst in a cardiovascular state.

25 Minutes Advanced Circuits With Weights


YouTube – Are you ready to ramp up your heart rate with this little quickie of a circuit? 

We begin with a weight free warm up, then pick up some dumbbells and work hard for 50 seconds, enjoying a tiny 10 seconds rest! I chose to use 1kg weights today so that I could still get maximum effect out of each exercise.  What size weight will you choose? 

25 Minutes Restricted Movement Bounce


YouTube – At 110BPM, this bounce session is slowed right down using very small movements with your feet in contact with the mat for the majority of the time.

This workout is one of many Claire and I are bringing out for those who have restricted movement due to an injury, obesity or other medical conditions, age or if you feel challenged with your balance. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable using a rebounder.

25 Minutes Lymphatic Drainage to Lift Your Mood


This workout bought me joy and happiness and I hope it does to you as well!  I want to put a smile on your face as we bounce away the toxins with this fun but fairly gentle class. Hopefully by the end you will be feeling energised and ready to tackle what is ahead.

25 Minutes Beginners Bounce, Introducing Weights


YouTube – This is a great video to help you incorporate weights into your workout. We advise that you start with a very low weight and do not go too heavy when bouncing as it will be difficult to control the movements. Take your time to get it right and enjoy.

25 Minutes Fast Bounce Fit Routine 132bpm


YouTube – As time goes on we add to our routine starting with 2 counts on a movement on the first section then, moving on to double time where moves are quicker. For the first half, concentrate on a deep push down and on the second section, concentrate on control and balance.

25 Minutes Conditioning Bounce Fit


YouTube – Limited bouncing on this video. Use this workout to help strengthen and tone the whole body. Do not be fooled, this is a challenge!

25 Minutes Aid Circulation and Boost Lymphatic System


YouTube – Here I have made a video to aid circulation and boost lymphatic system. How do you know that your lymphatic system is working? It’s through your sweat that toxins are released from your body. So if you are sweating, then your lymphatic system is working. Let’s get our bodies moving.

25 Minutes Bounce and Tone


YouTube – Here, Claire will take you through a cardio routine on the rebounder followed by Supple Strength movements on the floor. 

25 Minutes Bounce and Abs section


YouTube – 10 sets targeting your abs on the trampoline for 1 minute each with 15 seconds rest, then down to the mat to continue this core crunching class.

25 Minutes Help Relieve Menstrual Pains and Symptons on the Rebounder


YouTube – This workout has been created for those of you who still want to work out during your cycle. We begin with gentle exercises on the floor and progress onto the rebounder. Even though we don’t always feel like it at the time, exercise is a great way to ease menstrual symptoms.

25 Minutes Kick Boxing Bounce Fit


So we thought it would be a good idea to run a rebounding video with kick boxing. I have used 1.5kg weights but this is optional. With all our workouts, take it at your own pace and have a break if needed.

25 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


It’s time Scott did a video on the rebounder! In his opinion, the fitness trampoline was made to have fun on. So spare yourself 25 minutes and join in on this little beauty!

25 Minutes Bounce & weights video


YouTube – One of our YouTube favourites that has been requested by you guys. So now you can enjoy this one with no adverts!  Grab your weights and your rebounder and let’s get to work.

26 Minutes Fixed Position Rebounding To Help with Balance


Perfect beginners class if balance is an issue. We bounce the whole way through but your feet stay on the mat and in the same position.

Plenty of arm movements with slight heel and toe lifts at a speed of 120BPM. I recorded this whilst I had a back injury and it really helped loosen my back and set me up for the day.

Use adaptations were necessary and let’s get moving.

30 Minutes Rebounding & Weights


This is our jazzed up version of our live video that we recorded in August 2022 with a timer and instructional video throughout.

Grab a weight that will challenge you on the rebounder and join us in this fun and sweaty class.

30 Minutes Rebounding, Arms & Abs Focus


YouTube – Let’s focus on toning the upper body and core with this easy to follow routine. 

Using 1.5kg dumbbells, we begin with focusing on the arms and shoulders and working in repetitions of 8 and increasing the reps as we go.  After this, we move on to the abdominal section to do the same.  

Play around with the size of your weights to increase or decrease the intensity of this class.

30 Minutes Full Body Bounce & Sculpt


Today we are covering all bases in this full body circuit.

We have 3 parts to this workout and each section is 10 minutes long. There is a 45 seconds rest in-between each section so you can get yourself into position.

We begin with Rebounding, followed by low weights and finishing off with Supple Strength. If you are short on time, then this workout will cover a lot of muscle groups in one hit.

30 Minutes Intermediate Rebounding Tabata


This Tabata class is fully packed from start to finish.  If you want a class that is going to challenge your mind and body, then give this one a go.

We are working for 20 secs with a 10 sec recovery and we have 3 different sections.

30 Minutes Stretch on Your Rebounder


Requested by one of our members, this workout does what it says on the tin.  Come and spend 30 minutes stretching and moving around your rebounder, giving your muscles the love they deserve.

This can easily be performed on the floor if you are travelling and do not have your rebounder to hand.

30 Minutes Progressive Bounce 120-140 BPM


What is progressive Bounce you ask? Well, the music starts off at 120 BPM which is a fantastic speed for a warm up and low impact bounce. We then travel up every 5 minutes by 4 BPM until we reach 140BPM which on a bungee rebounder is a real challenge. This video is great as a little fitness test to see how fast you can get up to. You have an advantage if you have a sprung rebounder as this will provide a much firmer bounce.

30 Minutes Intermediate / Advanced Circuit


YouTube – I hope you have lots of energy for this workout. This is going to have you working from start to finish. Using a circuit system, we will be doing active cardio for a full 2 mins, followed by a 30 second squat resting period. Remember to take things at your own pace and use that 30 second rest time if things start to get tough.

30 Minutes Advanced Bounce With Stability Bar


A stability bar is not necessary for this class as I will show you some adaptions on the jumps without a bar. Lots of powerful moves in our class today so be prepared to really work your leg muscles.

30 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


Here we have a great workout that is suitable for a beginner but also for advanced rebounders. Take things at your own pace and don’t forget, the more you push down into the mat, the more of a workout you will get.

30 Minutes Bounce Fit with a Stability Ball


Let’s change it up and use a stability ball whilst we bounce. You can use any type of ball that you have at home. This surprisingly challenges your arms and is a great workout for your body.

30 Minutes Tribal Bounce Fit


YouTube – Here we have a tribal dance bounce fit workout. The music is fun and energetic and going to get your heart racing. So put everything else to one side and come and join me!