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42 Minutes 2021 Bounce and Toning


2 rounds of 21 minutes making this a great 42 minute workout. Cardio to start off with, finishing with toning. Get 2021 off to a flying start.

42 Minutes Advanced Bounce Fit Circuits


This is a mega hard workout, see how far you can get. This will challenge your whole body so prepare yourself for 42 minutes on the trampoline. 6 sets of 7 minute circuits, good luck!

45 Minutes Bounce Fit & Power Weights Mash up


This is a great workout to raise your heart rate with a mixture of 3 minutes bouncing then 15 seconds rest, followed by 3 minutes of power weights, on or off the trampoline. Use 0-1.5kg for the rebounding section and switch to a higher weight that challenges you 1-10kg for the weights section.

45 Minutes F45 Bounce Fit


F45 = 45 minutes workout, 45 exercises, 45 seconds of hard work with 15 seconds rest.

This workout has everything that your body is going to need today.  We have rebounding, we have weights and we have added in a bootyband for extra spice!

Come and join us both on a tough little session that is going to leave your body asking for…….a rest 😉

45 Minutes Basic Kickboxing Bounce Fit


Don’t let the title put you off. The only thing basic about this session are the punching and kicking moves. I’ve kept the moves simple so it’s easy to follow but there are many ways to adapt this class. Use hand or ankle weights or both and remember, push down harder through your feet for more intensity.

45 Minutes Bounce, Turn and Balance


How’s your balance? We are focusing on balance in this routine so there will be lots of turns. At the end we have a core section which will help on stabilising your core muscles around your sides and midriff.

45 Minutes Cause4Paws Charity Bounce Fit


YouTube – Thanks to all our members who donated to this wonderful charity.  Different sections of cardio, weights, abs and stretching. Great all round video.

45 Minutes Bounce Fit


45 minutes of pure enjoyment! 3 sections on this video all using the rebounder. If you want to make your session more challenging, push down harder through the mat.

45 Minutes Bounce, Squats and Balance


This is 132BPM of bouncing today so prepare for a faster paced class than normal. 3 sections each containing different bounce movements with squats and balance at the end of each section. Join me for a light hearted session full of bouncing and sweat!

45 Minutes Bounce and Tone


Come and join me on a great full body workout with bounce and tone. Great start or end to your day.

45 Minutes stability bar bounce fit


A fun, low impact stability bar workout that incorporates some big jumps to raise the heart rate and make your muscles work harder.

48 Minutes Bounce to Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor


Today we learn how to engage your abdominal muscles correctly even when we are bouncing.

This class is split into 2 parts, beginning with our bouncing and then finishing on the floor, with exercises that will help to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Suitable for pre and post natal members, or anyone that is looking for a low impact workout.

50 Minutes Can You Barre It Bounce!


Whether you have a stability bar or not we have made sure that everyone can enjoy this class.  As you can see in the top left hand corner there is the option of moves if you don’t have a bar.

This workout will have your heart rate ramped up by the time we run through the second round of moves, especially if you are able to join me on the explosive jumps. 

Remember if you are doing this workout without the bar, then focus on intensifying things by pushing down through the mat and using your arms for big movements.

50 Minutes Advanced Kickboxing Bounce


Believe it or not, this is actually at a slower pace of 120BPM, slower than the beginners kickboxing class but this one has more advanced moves and feels as if you’re going faster.

Strap yourselves in and get ready for some high kicks and routines that increase as you go.

50 Minutes Bounce Fit & Stability Ball Class


Focusing on the legs and abdominal area on this Bounce Fit class, prepare yourselves for a long workout. We begin with cardio to warm up the muscles, finishing with an abdominal section using the stability ball. Adapt the class and use a football, netball or any form of ball.

50 Minutes Bounce and Supple Strength


30 minutes of bouncing finished off with a 20 minute Supple Strength section that will test your core and balance.

50 Minutes Bounce Fit


YouTube – Yes, that’s 50 minutes of non stop bouncing peeps! Get ready to join me for a sweaty class with some basketball jumps! Some love them, most hate them, let’s get going.

55 Minutes Bounce and Build Strength


All over Bounce Fit session starting with cardio on the rebounder, dropping down to the mat for some Supple Strength with weights (optional), finishing with deep stretching. Clear your diary and join me on this one.

55 Minutes Bounce and Box


Bring plenty of energy to this 55 minutes workout. Working on and off the trampoline, we have 2 parts where we build up using boxing punching with lots of bouncing.

55 Minutes Bounce, Weights and Abs


A massive 55 minutes worth of sweating with this bounce, weights and abs video. Find a weight that is suitable for your abilities (I’m using 1kg) or don’t use weights at all. This workout is for you so adapt the class to make this an enjoyable fitness class. 

60 Minutes Advanced, Ticks All The Boxes


This workout ticks all the boxes of your cardio, resistance and stretching needs. 

The class is separated into 6 sections with only a small break in between each block.

Make sure you have an hour to eat your way through this gem of a class.

10,000 Steps Bounce


Do you need to make up your steps for the day? Are you on a rest day and fancy joining me to complete 10,000 steps? Whatever your goals are today, enjoy marching it out and some light bouncing with me.

This is a long video, well over an hour of movement so give yourself a goal and let’s do some low impact movement.