Beginners Rebounding Cardio Package

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5 Minutes Introduction in Rebounding


New to rebounding & not sure how long to bounce for or where to start?  Then why not try this 5 minute class to help get you familiar with your trampoline. 

This can be used daily to begin with or even when you need a quick lymphatic boost.

5-18 Minutes Beginners Gentle Rebounding


At 120BPM, this is a perfect beginners workout that you can take at your own pace and complete as much as you feel is achievable. Whether that’s 2 minutes, 5 minutes or even the full 18 minutes, enjoy getting used to the feeling of bouncing on a rebounder.

We are keeping the feet in a fixed position, staying in contact with the matt the whole time. If you are an older adult concerned about your balance or a complete beginner, this is a great starting video.

10 Minutes Low Impact Rebounding Circuit


This is a lovely little circuit for those days when you don’t want anything too hectic or you are on the road to recovery.

We have 10 moves and are working for 50 sec0nds with  10 seconds recovery time.

15 Minutes Beginners Bounce


Beginners class or a rest day, this is ideal to take things a bit easier and just enjoy being on your rebounder.

26 Minutes Fixed Position Rebounding To Help with Balance


Perfect beginners class if balance is an issue. We bounce the whole way through but your feet stay on the mat and in the same position.

Plenty of arm movements with slight heel and toe lifts at a speed of 120BPM. I recorded this whilst I had a back injury and it really helped loosen my back and set me up for the day.

Use adaptations were necessary and let’s get moving.

10,000 Step Bounce


Do you need to make up your steps for the day? Are you on a rest day and fancy joining me to complete 1,000, 3,000 or 10,000 steps? Whatever your goals are today, enjoy marching it out and some light bouncing with me.

This is a long video, well over an hour of movement so give yourself a goal and let’s do some low impact movement.