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30 Minutes Bounce to Build a Booty


Are you looking to build your legs and glutes to tone and tighten? This class is all about mixing things between your cardio exercises and your resistance moves.

Using a light fabric bootyband we will alternate between the floor and the rebounder, working for 45 seconds with a 15 seconds recovery.  A great fun class packed with plenty to make the lower body ache!

35 Minutes Bounce With A Booty Band


This is the first workout where we use the booty band but please do not worry if you don’t have one. You can still participate in this class and get some booty activation.

I am using a light band for this, so choose what will challenge your quads and glutes and let’s have some fun with a mixture of cardio and toning exercises.

35 Minutes Booty Band Supple


Grab your bootyband and lets get the legs and flutes fired up.  

We begin with a little warm up to ease your body in gently and then I have chosen to use a light resistance band to work through a series of exercises.  Depending on how stretchy your bands are, you may want to go stronger or lighter. So play around with this workout and see what strength suits you.

35 Minutes Full Body Bands & Weights


For those of you that loved the 10 Minutes Bootyband & Weight workout, you will find that this is a perfect one to progress to.

I decided to really push myself and so am using a medium fabric band along with 5kg and 2kg dumbbells.

This is on a circuit system where we alternate between the lighter and heavier dumbbells, working for 50 seconds with 20 seconds recovery.

45 Minutes F45 Bounce Fit


F45 = 45 minutes workout, 45 exercises, 45 seconds of hard work with 15 seconds rest.

This workout has everything that your body is going to need today.  We have rebounding, we have weights and we have added in a bootyband for extra spice!

Come and join us both on a tough little session that is going to leave your body asking for…….a rest 😉