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10 Minutes Rebounding For Recovery


This class has been designed for anyone who has taken time off from exercise due to illness or injury.

This is a silent workout where you have the option to either follow along with me, or just spend 10 mins bouncing on your rebounder, listening to the music as if we were together side by side.  

There is no right or wrong with this class today because it is about slowly getting your energy back and using the benefits of rebounding to help cleanse your lymphatic system with gentle movement.

10 Minutes Cardio Blast Bounce, 140BPM


If you have a little left in your tank after a workout, try this 10 minutes bounce at 140BPM. This should finish you off for the day!

10 Minutes 8-16 repetitions Bounce Fit


YouTube – Starting with at 8 repetitions of a move, then 8 reps of another and continuing to the end where we increase the repetitions to 16 of which I repeat and then back down to 8. Great simple class that is effective as a warm up or tag it at the end of a workout to give yourself that extra bit of cardio.

10 Minutes Lymphatic System Bounce


YouTube – Let’s flush out those toxins within the body and keep fit and healthy. The natural bounce of the rebounder helps activate your bodies lymphatic system with the change of gravity on the up and down motion of your movement. 10 minutes of healthy bounce.

10 Minutes Quick Bounce Fit


YouTube – Wakey wakey, here is a short workout you can grab and go. A great way to start your day or even when you come home to let the dogs out!! Have fun peeps and remember it’s all about pushing hard into the mat.

12 Ways to Spice Up A Jumping Jack


YouTube – Jumping Jacks, Star Jumps, whatever you call them, give this 12 minutes of bouncing goodness a try.

The speed of the music is 132 BPM so it will definitely get your heart racing and wake your body up for some rebounding cardio.

14 Minutes Bounce to Strengthen Legs


A great add on video that targets the legs and help to tone and condition. Push down hard into the mat to really give your legs a good workout.

15 Minutes Movement & Mobility Bounce


YouTube – A basic, beginners level rebounding class to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your rebounder.

These low impact moves are ideal for members with certain types of medical conditions, post natal, post op or low energy days.

15 Minutes Beginners Bounce


Beginners class or a rest day, this is ideal to take things a bit easier and just enjoy being on your rebounder.

15 Minutes Your Moves, Your Bounce


YouTube – You chose the moves and Claire delivered the class. What is your favourite move? Our classes are for you, we’re always happy to run a video that is suited to you. It’s important to us that you enjoy your fitness so keep your ideas coming. Enjoy the shout outs!

20 Minutes Followers Choice Fun Choreography


YouTube – We had some fun filming this class and trust me, we practised this one a lot! It’s a workout where it’s easy to make a mistake as the choreography starts with more repetition but then decreases as time moves on. In other words, switch your brain on for this one and don’t get your legs tangled up 😁

Adapt this class by using weights or try a light bounce for a low impact option.

20 Minutes Power Bounce


Power Bounce is all about the grab and go workout when you are short on time.  Today we are grouping the moves together just to help challenge the mind and co-ordination and ramp things up and keep it fun.

20 Minutes Birthday Bonanza of Bouncing


YouTube – Happy Birthday to us! Here is 20 minutes of some basic moves, adaptions, fun moves and our favourite moves. Look out for the Tina Turner and the Babs Fling! 😄🥳

It starts off with a great warm up and increases on the intensity and the fun! So, it doesn’t matter what level you feel your fitness is at, join us for some bouncing goodness.

20 Minutes Bounce and Turn


YouTube – How good is your balance on the rebounder? There are lots of moves to challenge your balance but please remember to keep your exercise safe. Twisting this way and that with full turns and quarter turns, enjoy this class!

20 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


Exercise doesn’t have to be too serious, it’s also about enjoying what you are doing. So for 20 minutes, get everything off your mind and have some fun.

20 Minutes Bounce, Fatigue & Low Energy Days


YouTube – We are aiming to help those who are suffering from fatigue. This could be down to a medical condition or you have woken up today feeling like you have low energy.

So if you want to do some exercise but not go crazy, then try out this workout. Circuit system with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds recovery. Stability bar is optional.

20 Minutes Beginners Plus Size Bounce


YouTube – It was requested that we offered a workout that was geared towards plus size participants, with a slower paced rhythm throughout the class. This session requires no knee raises or leg kicks but focuses on pushing down through the mat. I will show you how moves can be simplified by holding for counts of two, as well as offering a quicker pace for those who want it. Although the title states plus size, this is an ideal workout for a beginner or anyone needing to go back to basics. 

20-40 Minutes Intermediate Bounce 132BPM


Here we have a re-make on a video that we did 2 years ago but we’ve jazzed it up and sped the workout up so it’s like a completely new workout! There are 2 parts so choose whether you have time for 20 minutes or 40 minutes. Ready to sweat on this mega cardio session?

21 Minutes Jogging Bounce Fit


Why go out on the streets and jog when you can do it at home, with me on your rebounder. Lower Impact, better for your body and let’s be honest, a lot more fun!

132BPM with movements based around jogging. Come and get your sweat on in this high energy bounce.

24 Minutes Intermediate Your Favourite Moves


YouTube – Another video of your favourite moves that you requested. Keep an eye out for your name to appear on the move that you requested. Yes, this is a fun workout but it’s also a tough little cardio workout too.

24 Minutes Card Game Bounce Fit


YouTube – For our 40th Birthday’s in October 2020 we decided to work together and give you this easy to follow card game on the rebounder. 54 cards including 2 jokers with 4 moves. It sounds simple and it is simple. Come and have some fun.

24 Minutes Advanced Bounce Fit


YouTube – Prepare yourself for plenty of sweating on this advanced class. Keep pushing firmly into the mat and this will make your effort levels rocket and massively increase your calorie burn.

24 Minutes Bounce Fit Workout


Heven’t got a lot of time? Get stuck into this quick workout. It’s 24 minutes long and will set you up for the day!

25 Minutes Restricted Movement Bounce


YouTube – At 110BPM, this bounce session is slowed right down using very small movements with your feet in contact with the mat for the majority of the time.

This workout is one of many Claire and I are bringing out for those who have restricted movement due to an injury, obesity or other medical conditions, age or if you feel challenged with your balance. We want everyone to feel confident and comfortable using a rebounder.

25 Minutes Lymphatic Drainage to Lift Your Mood


This workout bought me joy and happiness and I hope it does to you as well!  I want to put a smile on your face as we bounce away the toxins with this fun but fairly gentle class. Hopefully by the end you will be feeling energised and ready to tackle what is ahead.

25 Minutes Fast Bounce Fit Routine 132bpm


YouTube – As time goes on we add to our routine starting with 2 counts on a movement on the first section then, moving on to double time where moves are quicker. For the first half, concentrate on a deep push down and on the second section, concentrate on control and balance.

25 Minutes Conditioning Bounce Fit


YouTube – Limited bouncing on this video. Use this workout to help strengthen and tone the whole body. Do not be fooled, this is a challenge!

25 Minutes Aid Circulation and Boost Lymphatic System


YouTube – Here I have made a video to aid circulation and boost lymphatic system. How do you know that your lymphatic system is working? It’s through your sweat that toxins are released from your body. So if you are sweating, then your lymphatic system is working. Let’s get our bodies moving.

25 Minutes Help Relieve Menstrual Pains and Symptons on the Rebounder


YouTube – This workout has been created for those of you who still want to work out during your cycle. We begin with gentle exercises on the floor and progress onto the rebounder. Even though we don’t always feel like it at the time, exercise is a great way to ease menstrual symptoms.

25 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


It’s time Scott did a video on the rebounder! In his opinion, the fitness trampoline was made to have fun on. So spare yourself 25 minutes and join in on this little beauty!

30 Minutes Stretch on Your Rebounder


Requested by one of our members, this workout does what it says on the tin.  Come and spend 30 minutes stretching and moving around your rebounder, giving your muscles the love they deserve.

This can easily be performed on the floor if you are travelling and do not have your rebounder to hand.

30 Minutes Progressive Bounce 120-140 BPM


What is progressive Bounce you ask? Well, the music starts off at 120 BPM which is a fantastic speed for a warm up and low impact bounce. We then travel up every 5 minutes by 4 BPM until we reach 140BPM which on a bungee rebounder is a real challenge. This video is great as a little fitness test to see how fast you can get up to. You have an advantage if you have a sprung rebounder as this will provide a much firmer bounce.

30 Minutes Fun Bounce Fit


Here we have a great workout that is suitable for a beginner but also for advanced rebounders. Take things at your own pace and don’t forget, the more you push down into the mat, the more of a workout you will get.

30 Minutes Tribal Bounce Fit


YouTube – Here we have a tribal dance bounce fit workout. The music is fun and energetic and going to get your heart racing. So put everything else to one side and come and join me!

35 Minutes Wellness Rebounding & Stretch


YouTube – This workout comes with love, compassion and from the bottom of our hearts as we try to raise awareness for a very sad cause.

We were asked to create a workout that had an element of yoga in it to support the Yoga Stops Yulin Foundation.  This class begins with rebounding and finishes with some yoga style stretches to round things off nicely. Lovely workout to use on a quieter day or to combine with a weight day and use this class to warm up the body.

35 Minutes All the Knees Rebounding


This fun class is all about knee variations whether it be through rebounding or balance moves.  A great way to quickly elevate the heart rate and use the core without really thinking about it.

35 Minutes Bounce Fit


Good variety of moves in this Bounce Fit video. Try and concentrate on your posture and technique. Remember, to make the class more challenging, push down harder into the mat. Let’s have a bit of fun.

35 Minutes Whole Body Bounce Fit


YouTube – Another one of our YouTube videos. This will involve your whole body as we take you through a 35 minutes Bounce Fit class.

45 Minutes Basic Kickboxing Bounce Fit


Don’t let the title put you off. The only thing basic about this session are the punching and kicking moves. I’ve kept the moves simple so it’s easy to follow but there are many ways to adapt this class. Use hand or ankle weights or both and remember, push down harder through your feet for more intensity.

45 Minutes Bounce, Turn and Balance


How’s your balance? We are focusing on balance in this routine so there will be lots of turns. At the end we have a core section which will help on stabilising your core muscles around your sides and midriff.

45 Minutes Cause4Paws Charity Bounce Fit


YouTube – Thanks to all our members who donated to this wonderful charity.  Different sections of cardio, weights, abs and stretching. Great all round video.

45 Minutes Bounce Fit


45 minutes of pure enjoyment! 3 sections on this video all using the rebounder. If you want to make your session more challenging, push down harder through the mat.

45 Minutes Bounce, Squats and Balance


This is 132BPM of bouncing today so prepare for a faster paced class than normal. 3 sections each containing different bounce movements with squats and balance at the end of each section. Join me for a light hearted session full of bouncing and sweat!

50 Minutes Bounce and Supple Strength


30 minutes of bouncing finished off with a 20 minute Supple Strength section that will test your core and balance.

50 Minutes Bounce Fit


YouTube – Yes, that’s 50 minutes of non stop bouncing peeps! Get ready to join me for a sweaty class with some basketball jumps! Some love them, most hate them, let’s get going.

10,000 Steps Bounce


Do you need to make up your steps for the day? Are you on a rest day and fancy joining me to complete 10,000 steps? Whatever your goals are today, enjoy marching it out and some light bouncing with me.

This is a long video, well over an hour of movement so give yourself a goal and let’s do some low impact movement.