Bounce Fit – Circuits, HIIT & Tabata

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10 Minutes Low Impact Rebounding Circuit


This is a lovely little circuit for those days when you don’t want anything too hectic or you are on the road to recovery.

We have 10 moves and are working for 50 secs with a 10 sec recovery time.

10 Minutes Bilingual HIIT


 A quick 10 minutes HIIT session in Spanish and in English. It’s time we tried out our basic Spanish speaking skills whilst bouncing on the rebounder. Vamenos!!!

10 Minutes Intermediate HIIT Bounce Fit


There is a warm up and cool down which makes the video almost 17 minutes so if you have time, do the whole video. Remember with HIIT, it’s about maximum effort so push down hard on the mat and let’s get sweaty.

15 Minutes Bounce Fit HIIT 135BPM


Hold on to your horses, this session is fast. 20 seconds of a movement, 10 seconds recovery or complete a simple exercise (basic bounce etc). The music is 135BPM so come join me and send us an email after to let us know how you got on and what you thought of the speed.

16 Minutes Bounce HIIT 135BPM


The reason Claire and I love you guys so much is because you give us some wonderful ideas for new classes.

You asked for a quick Bounce HIIT to do during your lunch break, well here it is.

135BPM workout so bounce hard, keep up and enjoy this one.

20 Minutes Bounce, Fatigue & Low Energy Days


We are aiming to help those who are suffering from fatigue. This could be down to a medical condition or you have woken up today feeling like you have low energy.

So if you want to do some exercise but not go crazy, then try out this workout. Circuit system with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds recovery. Stability bar is optional.

20 Minutes Beginners Circuits


This workout is wonderful for anyone starting out who wants to get to grips with rebounding moves without having the complexity of following a routine.  Or maybe you are having a quiet day and want something that won’t be too taxing on the body.

We are working for 40 seconds with 20 seconds active rest where you perform either a step touch or a march on the spot.

20 Minutes Tabata Bounce Fit


20 minutes Tabata that is 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds rest, each exercise is repeated twice. 

20 Minutes Intermediate Bounce circuits


With or without weights, this 20 minutes circuit class is going to test your muscles the whole way through. Bring your towel as this workout will make you sweat.

20 Minutes Bounce Fit Tabata


20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds either bouncing or resting. 20 minutes of cardio with Claire, go for it!

20-40 Minutes Bounce and Weights Circuit


20 or 40 minutes of Bounce Fit circuits with weights (optional). You choose your time, you choose your weights and lets get bouncing.

21 Minutes 2021 Bounce Fit HIIT Workout


Let’s start off 2021 with a bang!! 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds recovery or a basic move. 21 moves of variants of jumping jacks and knee raises.

24 Minutes All Over Body Bounce Fit Circuit


Great all over session working your arms, legs and core. On and off the trampoline using weights whilst on the rebounder. Grab your mat and some weights and let’s start burning calories.

25 Minutes Your Moves, Your Circuit


Try our 25 Minutes Your Moves, Your Circuit. These moves were requested by you, our followers. The music is at a medium pace and you have the option of using small dumbbells or weights.

Fitness is all about enjoying yourself so jump on a rebounder, keep your movements safe and have fun with Claire on this delightful number.

25 Minutes Advanced Circuits With Weights


Are you ready to ramp up your heart rate with this little quickie of a circuit? 

We begin with a weight free warm up, then pick up some dumbbells and work hard for 50 seconds, enjoying a tiny 10 seconds rest!

I chose to use 1kg weights today so that I could still get maximum effect out of each exercise.  What size weight will you choose? 

30 Minutes Intermediate Rebounding Tabata


This Tabata class is fully packed from start to finish.  If you want a class that is going to challenge your mind and body, then give this one a go.

We are working for 20 secs with a 10 sec recovery and we have 3 different sections.

30 Minutes Bounce & Step Circuits


We had a lot of fun doing this workout together.  This is a circuit system, working for 45 secs with a 15 sec rest and alternating between the Step and the Rebounder.

If you don’t have a step, you can still perform all the moves on the floor. 

Claire shows alternative lower impact options, whereas Scott ramps things up for those of you wanting more!

30 Minutes Intermediate/Advanced Circuit


I hope you have lots of energy for this workout. This is going to have you working from start to finish. Using a circuit system, we will be doing active cardio for a full 2 mins, followed by a 30 second squat resting period. Remember to take things at your own pace and use that 30 second rest time if things start to get tough.

35 Minutes Bounce Fit Circuits


An oldie but goodie YouTube video. This will involve your whole body as we take you through a 35 minutes circuit Bounce Fit class. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds recovery. Tough section of abs to finish you off.

40 Minutes HIIT Intermediate/Advanced 45/15


45 seconds of working with 15 seconds to recover and get your breathe back. 5 rounds of 7 different sections.

This video is not run to the beat so smash out your sections and work as hard as you can. This is a proper heart raiser.

40 Minutes Bounce and Barre


Low impact mix of cardio and strengthening circuit. The cardio focuses on upper body movement and the barre section focuses on lower body. Perform 1 minute of each move alternating between the two. A perfect all round workout requested by one of our fab members.

40 Minutes Full Body Workout


All over body circuit starting with cardio and moving onto a weights section either on the rebounder or on the floor, finishing off with some Supple Strength moves and stretching. Lots packed in this class, here we go!

42 Minutes Advanced Bounce Fit Circuits


This is a mega hard workout, see how far you can get. This will challenge your whole body so prepare yourself for 42 minutes on the trampoline. 6 sets of 7 minute circuits, good luck!

45 Minutes Cause4Paws Charity Bounce Fit


Thanks to all our members who donated to this wonderful charity.  Different sections of cardio, weights, abs and stretching. Great all round video.