Bounce Fit – Combined Cardio & Toning

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20 Minutes Rebounding Jog & Abs


Get your legs moving with this 20 minutes workout switching form jogging to core work, there’s even a cheeky move requested a long time ago thrown in just for fun, although, remember to keep your rebounding safe please.

24 Minutes All Over Body Bounce Fit Circuit


YouTube – Great all over session working your arms, legs and core. On and off the trampoline using weights whilst on the rebounder. Grab your mat and some weights and let’s start burning calories.

25 Minutes Bounce and Abs section


YouTube – 10 sets targeting your abs on the trampoline for 1 minute each with 15 seconds rest, then down to the mat to continue this core crunching class.

26 Minutes Jacks & Abs

LEVEL: Intermediate

Requested by one of our lovely members, 50 seconds working with 15 seconds rest.

Abs can be performed on the trampoline or a mat. Enjoy the many variations, think about your posture and enjoy this jacks & abs journey.


30 Minutes Bedtime Bounce & Stretch


Using exercise to calm our thoughts and switch off after a stressful day, is the perfect relaxation tool and this class has been designed with this in mind.

We have 15 minutes of light, gentle bouncing followed by 15 minutes of stretching.  A wonderful class that can be used whenever you feel necessary.

30 Minutes Step & Rebounder Fusion


Jan 2023. Its always nice to use two pieces of equipment together and to be able to feel the difference between high and low impact moves.

This class switches between the rebounder and the stepper, increasing the intensity and complexity of the moves as we go.

If you don’t have a stepper, do not worry. You can still enjoy this class by doing the workout on the floor.

30 Minutes Rebounding, Arms & Abs focus


YouTube – Let’s focus on toning the upper body and core with this easy to follow routine. 

Using 1.5kg dumbbells, we begin with focusing on the arms and shoulders and working in repetitions of 8 and increasing the reps as we go.  After this, we move on to the abdominal section to do the same.  

Play around with the size of your weights to increase or decrease the intensity of this class.

30 Minutes Full Bounce & Supple Switch


A lovely mix of bounce and Supple Strength. Some great rebounding moves coupled with some lovely stretches to help you start or finish the day.

To increase intensity, push down harder into the mat whilst bouncing or stick with a soft bounce for a lighter experience.

30 Minutes Full Body Bounce & Sculpt


Today we are covering all bases in this full body circuit.

We have 3 parts to this workout and each section is 10 minutes long. There is a 45 seconds rest in-between each section so you can get yourself into position.

We begin with Rebounding, followed by low weights and finishing off with Supple Strength. If you are short on time, then this workout will cover a lot of muscle groups in one hit.

32 Minutes Kick Boxing Live


If you’re looking for a little trouble then look no further.

Punch & kick your frustration out on the rebounder with a few advanced routines thrown in to challenge your mind and movement abilities. I’m using weight throughout the class, 1 kg dumbbells (2.2lbs).

Be careful as I rhyme my way through part of the class whilst trying not to tie myself into a knot 🤪

35 Minutes Rebounding With Arm Combos


Jan 2023. Let’s stimulate your mind as well as your body today with these arm combinations.  We will learn each section as we go, reducing the repetitions each time. 

Get ready to have your grey cells whirring with this class!

35 Minutes Movement to Improve Your Bounce


This class is all about giving you body movement through rebounding and floor work.  We start on our mat, waking up the body with some dynamic exercises.  On the final part of this class, we finish on the trampoline with some cardio.  

This is a wonderful class for those days you don’t want anything too strenuous but still need to feel like you have achieved.

38 Minutes Bounce & Supple Switch 2


Due to popular demand a second class of this style was designed so that you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of rebounding combined with supple strength.  

Working for 45 seconds at a time, we switch between cardio and supple strength, working on and off the trampoline.  This is a beautiful way to wake the body and get the blood flowing to your muscles.

40 Minutes Yoga Stops Yulin With Rebounding


40 minutes Rebounding & Yoga full body circuit is in honour of the Yoga Stops Yulin campaign. Once again we are back here raising awareness about the dog and cat meat festival that is held every year in China.

Every year millions of cats and dogs are brutally slaughtered and often they are stolen from family homes. In return for this workout we are hoping that we can ask you to take a look at the official website, and maybe consider sponsoring, fostering or even adopting a dog. 

40 Minutes SBW Mix


This 40 min class combines Supple Strength, Bouncing and Weights in one session. 

We begin by warming up the muscles with movement on the floor, then transferring onto our trampoline and increasing the heart rate with cardiovascular exercises, before finally rounding things off nicely with our heavier weighted section.

In the weights part we are slowing things down on the final run through, so you may want to have a lighter weight as an alternative option if you have gone heavy today. Play around with it and see what works.

40 Minutes Bounce to Strengthen Your Core


Join me in this fun class that is packed with knees and kicks and core abulous moves!

We begin with some cardio to get you warmed up and the body limba and finish with abdominal exercises to help tone and tighten.

40 Minutes Bounce & Tone With Weights


All over body workout starting with a blast of cardio, weights on or off the trampoline and finishing with some toning. Grab some water and a towel and let’s get bouncing.

40 Minutes Full Body Workout


All over body circuit starting with 10 minutes cardio, moving onto 10 minutes weights section either on the rebounder or on the floor. The third section is 10 minutes Supple Strength moves and finishing off with 10 minutes stretching.

Lots packed into this class. If you’re looking for a workout that is not too intense with some stretching at the end then this is the one for you.

42 Minutes Get In The Zone Rebounding


Let’s get in the zone with this circuit style class.  Working for 1 minute on each exercise, we have no breaks in the first 28 minutes as we focus on cardio.  The class is then wrapped up with 14 minutes of toning exercises, concentrating on the legs and abdominals.

45 Minutes Jump & Flex


A mixture of rebounding and supple strength to give you a full body workout.  We are working on and off the rebounder today so make sure you have space and plenty of energy because the lower body burn on this class is real!

45 Minutes Body Conditioning & Jog


ADAPTATION BABY!! This class is similar to EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute). We start with a floor based exercise of your choice, I went for exercises that challenge my core. You can do as many as you like, I started with 10 and then finish the rest of the minute off on the rebounder with a jogging movement.

There are 7 exercises, 6 sets plus 30 seconds rest in-between each set, so either follow me or choose your movements.

45 Minutes F45 Bounce Fit


F45 = 45 minutes workout, 45 exercises, 45 seconds of hard work with 15 seconds rest.

This workout has everything that your body is going to need today.  We have rebounding, we have weights and we have added in a bootyband for extra spice!

Come and join us both on a tough little session that is going to leave your body asking for…….a rest 😉

45 Minutes Basic Kickboxing Bounce Fit


Don’t let the title put you off. The only thing basic about this session are the punching and kicking moves. I’ve kept the moves simple so it’s easy to follow but there are many ways to adapt this class. Use hand or ankle weights or both and remember, push down harder through your feet for more intensity.

48 Minutes Bounce to Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor


Today we learn how to engage your abdominal muscles correctly even when we are bouncing.

This class is split into 2 parts, beginning with our bouncing and then finishing on the floor, with exercises that will help to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Suitable for pre and post natal members, or anyone that is looking for a low impact workout.

50 Minutes Variety Pack Part 2


If you enjoyed part 1 then definitely give this one a go.

No weights needed this time, just your rebounder and yourself.  We have sections of cardio and toning and we alternate between the two so that we are working different body parts.  

This is a class that builds and peaks in the middle to then bring you back down the other side.  By the end of the session you are hopefully going to feel that you have been worked all over!

50 Minutes Advanced Kickboxing Bounce


Believe it or not, this is actually at a slower pace of 120BPM, slower than the beginners kickboxing class but this one has more advanced moves and feels as if you’re going faster.

Strap yourselves in and get ready for some high kicks and routines that increase as you go.

52 Minutes Full Body Rebounding Party


This workout is jam packed with so much from start to finish.  We begin our party with rebounding, working for 1 minute on each move and we have 8 exercises to get through. At the end of each section you have 45 seconds recovery before we move on.  There are 6 parts to this class in total.

As you can see I have a mixture of light and heavier weights so that the intensity increases as the workout progresses.

55 Minutes Bounce and Build Strength


All over Bounce Fit session starting with cardio on the rebounder, dropping down to the mat for some Supple Strength with weights (optional), finishing with deep stretching. Clear your diary and join me on this one.

55 Minutes Bounce and Box


Bring plenty of energy to this 55 minutes workout. Working on and off the trampoline, we have 2 parts where we build up using boxing punching with lots of bouncing.

60 Minutes Full Body Attack


Mar 2023. Are you ready to hit the whole body in one session?  Well then look no further! Starting off with 15 minutes of rebounding to warm up the body we then move onto a weights & bootyband. Part 2 & 3 are done as a circuit where we have 10 moves in each section & we repeat them twice through, working for 50 seconds with a 10 second recovery.

I am using a mixture of 3kg & 5kg dumbbells & a light bootyband.  If you don’t have a bootyband do not worry as all moves can still be performed & adaptions have been given where possible.

60 Minutes Advanced, Ticks All The Boxes


This workout ticks all the boxes of your cardio, resistance and stretching needs. 

The class is separated into 6 sections with only a small break in between each block.

Make sure you have an hour to eat your way through this gem of a class.