Bounce Fit – Live Classes

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classes are in date order with the most recent recorded live workout first.

35 Minutes Live Rebounding Variation BPM


We have a class that changes the speed of music on each track. The range is 116-158BPM. Don’t let this scare you as I try to use moves that suit the music.

There are squats and abdominal work plus it’s a really fun class so grab a towel and some water and let’s get our bounce on.

30 Minutes Weighted Bounce & Box Tabata


Working for 20 seconds with 10 seconds recovery. This is an advanced workout which means push down hard into the mat and choose some weights no more than 1.5kg (3.3lbs). Get your sweat on with this 132BPM class 😳

Remember you can adapt this class by having an easy push down and no weights.

38 Minutes Bounce & Supple Switch 2


Due to popular demand a second class of this style was designed so that you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of rebounding combined with supple strength.  

Working for 45 seconds at a time, we switch between cardio and supple strength, working on and off the trampoline.  This is a beautiful way to wake the body and get the blood flowing to your muscles.

30 Minutes Progressive Jog Live


There is a reason for my grimacing face and blurry feet. This workout goes up to 210BPM with a double time one, two, hold at 180BPM. What does that mean? Try the workout to find out 😄

We start at 120BPM for a gentle warm, then ramp the speed up every 2 minutes by 10 BPM. There are 15 seconds rest in-between each increase so grab some water if you wish too.

49 Minutes Christmas Rebounding Tabata & Weights


An early Christmas present from Claire and myself to say thank you for your support during 2023. This is such a great class that really keeps you on your toes.

4 sets of 20 seconds working and 10 seconds rest starting with cardio, then two sets of weights, finishing with the cardio on the rebounder. Grab some weights and let’s bounce into 2024.

Don’t forget your Christmas hat 😄🔘

50 Minutes Variety Pack Part 2


If you enjoyed part 1 then definitely give this one a go.

No weights needed this time, just your rebounder and yourself.  We have sections of cardio and toning and we alternate between the two so that we are working different body parts.  

This is a class that builds and peaks in the middle to then bring you back down the other side.  By the end of the session you are hopefully going to feel that you have been worked all over!

32 Minutes Kick Boxing Live


If you’re looking for a little trouble then look no further.

Punch & kick your frustration out on the rebounder with a few advanced routines thrown in to challenge your mind and movement abilities. I’m using weight throughout the class, 1 kg dumbbells (2.2lbs).

Be careful as I rhyme my way through part of the class whilst trying not to tie myself into a knot 🤪

30 Minutes Jump For Joy


Jump for Joy is a class that will hopefully have you doing just that by the end!  There are lots of things happening in this workout so make sure your brain is switched on. To wrap this up, we are focusing on some squat variations just in case your legs needed a little bit extra!

60 Minutes Rebounding Variety Pack


Are you looking for a workout with a little bit of everything? Then this is the one for you.  The rebounding part is made into a series of sections that we build and add to, giving us 28 minutes of cardio.  We move onto static weights. I have a mixture of 3kg (6.6lbs) and 5kg (11lbs) dumbbells with a 1 x 7.5kg (16.5lbs) kettlebell. Use this part to play around with different size weights and see what works well for you.  We then wrap things up with some beautiful stretches.

35 Minutes Live Repeater Rebounding


You will be challenged physically and mentally with this class. The moves are to the left of the screen so during your warm up, take a look and practise as I’ve thrown in some Salsa moves and DIY exercises (you’ll have your house built in no time!).

Prepare for some mind boggling fun with this workout!

40 Minutes Just Bounce Cardio Circuit


This is all about the bounce. We have 30 mins of pure cardio fun. Working for 50 seconds with 10 seconds recovery, you will whizz through this circuit and be at the end doing stretches before you know it!  

A great mood lifter class.

40 Minutes Sunday Classics


We have got some classical pop music for you and rebounding for 30 minutes, finishing off with some stretching/toning on the floor for 10 minutes.

Grab your mat and rebounder and join us on this live class.

To adapt this class, light pushing down on the mat to make it an easier class or push down hard through the mat when you bounce for a more advanced workout.

40 Minutes Bounce, Shoulders & Legs


Part of a series of rebounding & weights. We’re using 2 muscle groups with 2 minutes bouncing and 2 minutes weights, split into 45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest. Use medium to medium/heavy dumbbells.

When bouncing, we use a repeater move which is part of 15 moves altogether so quick thinking is needed with the repeater helping out.

To adapt this class, use light weights for an easier option or heavier weights for a harder option.

60 Minutes Full Body Attack


Mar 2023. Are you ready to hit the whole body in one session?  Well then look no further! Starting off with 15 minutes of rebounding to warm up the body we then move onto a weights & bootyband. Part 2 & 3 are done as a circuit where we have 10 moves in each section & we repeat them twice through, working for 50 seconds with a 10 second recovery.

I am using a mixture of 3kg & 5kg dumbbells & a light bootyband.  If you don’t have a bootyband do not worry as all moves can still be performed & adaptions have been given where possible.

40 Minutes Bounce, Chest & Triceps


Mar 2023.

Part of a series of rebounding & weights. We’re using 2 muscle groups with 2 minutes bouncing and 2 minutes weights, split into 45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest. Use a medium to medium/heavy dumbbell.

When bouncing, we use a repeater move which is part of 15 moves altogether so quick thinking is needed with the repeater helping out.

40 Minutes Bounce, Biceps & Back


Feb 2023.

Part of a series of rebounding with weights. We’re using 2 muscle groups with 2 minutes bouncing and 2 minutes weights, split into 45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest. Use a medium to medium/heavy dumbbell.

I bring out some of my old dance moves so be prepared to be amazed by my non technical moves 😄 

30 Minutes Progression Pyramid Rebounding


OH MY GOSH. This naughty pyramid rebounding class starts with a gentle speed of 120BPM & sweetly raises speed past 132BPM where the sweetly turns into sweaty as we reach 160BPM 😱

Don’t let this put you off as we complete moves that are suited to the speed and gradually come down on our speed to finish on a cooldown. Bring a bag of energy to this one! Dec 2022.

30 Minutes Box & Bounce With Scotty Poos


Nov 2022. Grab some light weights and let’s get boxing on the rebounder. We start with the basic boxing techniques and finish with routines that will challenge you mentally as well as physically.

This was a fun workout to film with some different moves chucked into the mix.

30 Minutes Rebounding, Weighted Abs Finish


October 2022 live class. Simple but effective is the best way to describe this workout.  The rebounding exercises are all ones we have done before but we are keeping the repetitions low in order to keep the brain thinking.  We round things up with a weighted finish focusing on abdominal exercises. I recommend using between  1-5kg weights depending on how heavy you want to go, but remember form is key and you don’t want to compromise it by going too heavy.

30 Minutes Rebounding With Low Weights


October 2022 live class was lovely. We set the speed of the music at 120BPM and had low weights throughout the class, 1.5kg (3.3lbs).

Some simple moves and some challenging moves, watch out for the crocodile movement!! Perfect class for any ability as you can ramp up your workout with heavier weights and harder bouncing or leave the weights in the rack and treat yourself to a lighter workout.

30 Minutes Rebounding & Cardio Sculpt HIIT


We love a live HIIT class and its great way to work the body in a short space of time, recorded September 2022

Today we are mixing things up with some cardio moves on the rebounder and some body weight exercises on or off the trampoline.  We have shown or suggested adaptations where possible, so use these if necessary.

32 Minutes Live Rebounding With Clarita


Clarita is how I am known here in Mexico, so come and join me on this fun bounce class, recorded in September 2022.

The workout is comprised of different sections, each with 5 moves. We repeat each section 4 times so that you can get to grips with the routine. We wind the class up with some all important balancing exercises.

30 Minutes Rebounding & Weights


This is our jazzed up version of our live video that we recorded in August 2022 with a timer and instructional video throughout.

Grab a weight that will challenge you on the rebounder and join us in this fun and sweaty class.