Bounce Fit – Stability Bar / Ball

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15 Minutes Floor Based Low Impact Stability Ball


You do not need a rebounder for this class! The only thing that is bouncing is your stability ball.

Great class for those wanting a day of easy movement, older adults or if you have any injuries. Use the stability ball to help with your co-ordination and move your muscles all around your body.

To adapt this class, use a smaller ball and walk on the spot instead of travelling. For a tougher class, use big movements and squeeze the ball with lots of effort.

18 Minutes Advanced Bounce With Bar


Hold on to your stability bar as this class is going to get your heart rate up with lots of high bouncing and jumps.

20 Minutes Bounce, Fatigue & Low Energy Days


We are aiming to help those who are suffering from fatigue. This could be down to a medical condition or you have woken up today feeling like you have low energy.

So if you want to do some exercise but not go crazy, then try out this workout. Circuit system with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds recovery. Stability bar is optional.

25 Minutes Intro Into Bounce & Barre


Here is an introduction into using your rebounder in a different way.

We begin with warming up the body with some light cardio exercises, followed by a focus on toning the lower body.

If you have a stability bar, remain on the rebounder or follow me on the video as I show you just how versatile your rebounder can be.

30 Minutes Bounce & Stability Ball


Combining rebounding with the use of a small stability ball is a fun alternative to using dumbbells.  Great for upper body toning and can easily be adapted if your stability ball is larger.  We finish off the workout with some core exercises.

30 Minutes Bounce With Stability Bar


A stability bar is not necessary for this class as I will show you some adaptions on the jumps without a bar. Lots of powerful moves in our class today so be prepared to really work your leg muscles.

35 Minutes Bounce and Stability Ball Duo


Let’s mix things up and incorporate a stability ball into this rebounding circuit.  Working for 40 seconds with a 20 second recovery we alternate between one cardio exercise with the ball, followed by a floor based toning exercise also with the ball.  

This workout is ideal for a low impact day and especially for anyone that hasn’t used a stability ball before.

40 Minutes Bounce and Weighted Barre


Slowing things down doesn’t mean it necessarily gets easier 😉 This weighted barre inspired class allows you to work on balance and toning moves whilst using dumbbells.  If you don’t have a bar on your trampoline then do not worry, because you can still participate in this class, you are just going have to work harder to stay upright!

40 Minutes Bounce and Barre


Low impact mix of cardio and strengthening circuit. The cardio focuses on upper body movement and the barre section focuses on lower body. Perform 1 minute of each move alternating between the two. A perfect all round workout requested by one of our fab members.

50 Minutes Can You Barre It Bounce!


Whether you have a stability bar or not we have made sure everyone can enjoy this class.  As you can see in the top left there is the option of moves if you don’t have a bar.

This workout will ramp your heart rate up especially if you are able to join me on the explosive jumps. If you’re doing this without the bar, then focus on intensifying things by pushing down through the mat and use your arms for big movements.

50 Minutes Bounce Fit & Stability Ball Class


Focusing on the legs and abdominal area on this Bounce Fit class, prepare yourselves for a long workout. We begin with cardio to warm up the muscles, finishing with an abdominal section using the stability ball. Adapt the class and use a football, netball or any form of ball.