Bounce Fit – Weights, Bootybands & Resistance Bands

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15 Minutes Bounce and Weights


YouTube – If you are short on time then this is the workout for you. Maybe use a slightly heavier weight to help you work harder when time is precious.

20-40 Minutes Bounce and Weights Circuit


20 or 40 minutes of Bounce Fit circuits with weights (optional). You choose your time, you choose your weights and lets get bouncing.

24 Minutes All Over Body Bounce Fit Circuit


YouTube – Great all over session working your arms, legs and core. On and off the trampoline using weights whilst on the rebounder. Grab your mat and some weights and let’s start burning calories.

25 Minutes Bounce Mash Up, Kettlebell


Another Bounce and Power Weights Mash Up! This time, I’m using a single 12kg (26lbs) kettlebell. Change it to a dumbbell if you don’t have a kettlebell.

It’s only a 25 minutes workout so give this a go and enjoy using resistance whilst in a cardiovascular state.

25 Minutes Advanced Circuits With Weights


YouTube – Are you ready to ramp up your heart rate with this little quickie of a circuit? 

We begin with a weight free warm up, then pick up some dumbbells and work hard for 50 seconds, enjoying a tiny 10 seconds rest!

I chose to use 1kg weights today so that I could still get maximum effect out of each exercise.  What size weight will you choose? 

25 Minutes Beginners Bounce, Introducing Weights


YouTube – This is a great video to help you incorporate weights into your workout. We advise that you start with a very low weight and do not go too heavy when bouncing as it will be difficult to control the movements. Take your time to get it right and enjoy.

25 Minutes Kick Boxing Bounce Fit


So we thought it would be a good idea to run a rebounding video with kick boxing. I have used 1.5kg weights but this is optional. With all our workouts, take it at your own pace and have a break if needed.

25 Minutes Bounce & weights video


YouTube – One of our YouTube favourites that has been requested by you guys. So now you can enjoy this one with no adverts!  Grab your weights and your rebounder and let’s get to work.

32 Minutes Bounce with Booty Band


YouTube – Using a light fabric booty band, I focus on adding tension to the legs. This workout has multiple repetitions giving you time to learn the routine and feel your muscles working.

If you are using an elastic band, you may wish to go a strength higher so there is more resistance against your legs.

35 Minutes Bounce & Resistance Band


YouTube – This is a great upper body workout combining cardio with a resistance band. We begin by warming up your body on the rebounder where there are plenty of arm movements to prepare yourself to use the resistance band in the second half of this session.

I chose to use a medium strength band without handles. Use a band that you feel comfortable with.

35 Minutes Bounce To Strengthen Arms


If you are looking to mix up your use of weights whilst rebounding, then this is a lovely workout to try.  

We begin with a longer warm up starting off the rebounder initially.  I am then using a mixture of weights – bouncing with a 1.5kg for the cardio exercises and then using a 4kg for the static moves.  You can afford to go heavier on the static section because we are only using 1 weight.

35 Minutes Bounce With Booty Bands


This is the first workout where we use the booty bands but please do not worry if you don’t have any. You can still participate in this class and get some booty activation.

I am using a light band for this, so choose what will challenge your quads and glutes and let’s have some fun with a mixture of cardio and toning exercises.

35 Minutes Bounce Strength Training With Resistance Bands


Limited bouncing today with a focus on controlled movements for strengthening the body using a light/medium resistance bands. Please keep your exercise safe and if the band starts lifting the trampoline then stop the exercise. 

35 Minutes Bounce Fit with weights


YouTube – One of our YouTube videos, let’s use weights whilst we bounce. Good tempo on this video so enjoy with no adverts.

38 Minutes Resistance Band Bounce Fit


In this video I am using a light to medium band. Link them through your trampoline and adjust accordingly.
If you do not have resistance bands then use dumbbells, water bottles or with no weights. If the band lifts the rebounder, stop using them immediately. Keep your exercise safe.

40 Minutes Advanced Booty Band & Weights


YouTube – Advanced or Intermediate, we will let you choose as it all depends on the strength of band and dumbbell size.

This is a workout that will target the whole body from start to finish.

Adapt where needed, if you don’t have either or both pieces of equipment, you can still enjoy this session.

40 Minutes Bounce & Bench


You don’t need a bench for this class as your rebounder will act as your bench. Grab some light dumbbells to bounce with and some heavier dumbbells to perform our static movements. You, our members requested another mash up, well here it is. 3 minutes of bouncing, 15 seconds rest and prep time for 3 minutes of Power Weights.

40 Minutes Bounce & Tone With Weights


All over body workout starting with a blast of cardio, weights on or off the trampoline and finishing with some toning. Grab some water and a towel and let’s get bouncing.

40 Minutes Full Body Workout


All over body circuit starting with cardio and moving onto a weights section either on the rebounder or on the floor, finishing off with some Supple Strength moves and stretching. Lots packed in this class, here we go!

40 Minutes Bounce and Weights


This workout is 20 minutes cardio and 20 minutes weights. The weight used is 3kg, grab the weights that will push you and let’s get cracking.

40 Minutes Bounce and Weights


YouTube – I have 1kg weights in this video but you could increase it to 1.5kg. Might not sound like much, but when you combine it with the cardio, you will definitely feel it!

45 Minutes Bounce Fit & Power Weights Mash up


This is a great workout to raise your heart rate with a mixture of 3 minutes bouncing then 15 seconds rest, followed by 3 minutes of power weights, on or off the trampoline. Use 0-1.5kg for the rebounding section and switch to a higher weight that challenges you 1-10kg for the weights section.

45 Minutes Cause4Paws Charity Bounce Fit


YouTube – Thanks to all our members who donated to this wonderful charity.  Different sections of cardio, weights, abs and stretching. Great all round video.

55 Minutes Bounce, Weights and Abs


A massive 55 minutes worth of sweating with this bounce, weights and abs video. Find a weight that is suitable for your abilities (I’m using 1kg) or don’t use weights at all. This workout is for you so adapt the class to make this an enjoyable fitness class. 

60 Minutes Advanced, Ticks All The Boxes


This workout ticks all the boxes of your cardio, resistance and stretching needs. 

The class is separated into 6 sections with only a small break in between each block.

Make sure you have an hour to eat your way through this gem of a class.