Feel Good Rebounding Package

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25 Minutes Buddies Bounce


Are you ready to workout with your partner, friend or maybe just us! ¬†Whatever it is, we are going to have some fun today as we swap trampolines, work up a sweat and make no mistakes as the repetitions lower ūüėČ

25 Minutes Lymphatic Drainage to Lift Your Mood


This workout bought me joy and happiness and I hope it does to you as well!  I want to put a smile on your face as we bounce away the toxins with this fun but fairly gentle class. Hopefully by the end you will be feeling energised and ready to tackle what is ahead.

40 Minutes Sunday Classics


We have got some classical pop music for you and rebounding for 30 minutes, finishing off with some stretching/toning on the floor for 10 minutes.

Grab your mat and rebounder and join us on this live class.

To adapt this class, light pushing down on the mat to make it an easier class or push down hard through the mat when you bounce for a more advanced workout.

40 Minutes Energising Bounce


Are you ready to forget about your woes and bounce it all away?  This class is a re-make and has lots to keep your mind active. We are even sneaking in a little toning session half way through to mix things up and get the sweat flowing.  Working at 126bpm, this is a fun class to get stuck into.

40 Minutes Latino Live


We are getting funky today with this latino inspired playlist.  There are 10 sections of choreography, each one being repeated 3 times.

This workout is a re-make from an old class and as always I have jazzed up some of moves to make it a little more intense. An upbeat session that will leave you knowing you have worked hard.