Intermediate Rebounding Cardio Package

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30 Minutes Intermediate Brain Teaser


Feb 2023.

We are learning choreography with 4 section, starting with 16 repetitions going down to 8, 4 & 2 where the workout will really challenge your memory and body together.

Lots of fun and plenty of moves so grab your water and join me.

35 Minutes Live Repeater Rebounding


You will be challenged physically and mentally with this class. The moves are to the left of the screen so during your warm up, take a look and practise as I’ve thrown in some Salsa moves and DIY exercises (you’ll have your house built in no time!).

Prepare for some mind boggling fun with this workout!

35 Minutes All the Knees Rebounding


This fun class is all about knee variations whether it be through rebounding or balance moves.  A great way to quickly elevate the heart rate and use the core without really thinking about it.

40 Minutes Bounce to Strengthen Your Core


Join me in this fun class that is packed with knees and kicks and core abulous moves!

We begin with some cardio to get you warmed up and the body limba and finish with abdominal exercises to help tone and tighten.

42 Minutes Get In The Zone Rebounding


Let’s get in the zone with this circuit style class.  Working for 1 minute on each exercise, we have no breaks in the first 28 minutes as we focus on cardio.  The class is then wrapped up with 14 minutes of toning exercises, concentrating on the legs and abdominals.