Rebounding Mixture Package

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14 Minutes Bounce to Strengthen Legs


A great add on video that targets the legs and help to tone and condition. Push down hard into the mat to really give your legs a good workout.

30 Minutes Rebounding & Cardio Sculpt HIIT


We love a live HIIT class and its great way to work the body in a short space of time, recorded September 2022

Today we are mixing things up with some cardio moves on the rebounder and some body weight exercises on or off the trampoline.  We have shown or suggested adaptations where possible, so use these if necessary.

40 Minutes Bounce and Barre


Low impact mix of cardio and strengthening circuit. The cardio focuses on upper body movement and the barre section focuses on lower body. Perform 1 minute of each move alternating between the two. A perfect all round workout requested by one of our fab members.

45 Minutes Basic Kickboxing Bounce Fit


Don’t let the title put you off. The only thing basic about this session are the punching and kicking moves. I’ve kept the moves simple so it’s easy to follow but there are many ways to adapt this class. Use hand or ankle weights or both and remember, push down harder through your feet for more intensity.

45 Minutes Bounce Fit


45 minutes of pure enjoyment! 3 sections on this video all using the rebounder. If you want to make your session more challenging, push down harder through the mat.