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15 Minutes Bounce Fit HIIT 135BPM


Hold on to your horses, this session is fast. 20 seconds of a movement, 10 seconds recovery or complete a simple exercise (basic bounce etc). The music is 135BPM so come join me and send us an email after to let us know how you got on and what you thought of the speed.

16 Minutes Bounce HIIT 135BPM


The reason Claire and I love you guys so much is because you give us some wonderful ideas for new classes.

You asked for a quick Bounce HIIT to do during your lunch break, well here it is.

135BPM workout so bounce hard, keep up and enjoy this one.

30 Minutes Intermediate Rebounding Tabata


This Tabata class is fully packed from start to finish.  If you want a class that is going to challenge your mind and body, then give this one a go.

We are working for 20 secs with a 10 sec recovery and we have 3 different sections.

40 Minutes HIIT Intermediate-Advanced


45 seconds of working with 15 seconds to recover and get your breathe back. 5 rounds of 7 different sections.

This video is not run to the beat so smash out your sections and work as hard as you can. This is a proper heart raiser.

52 Minutes Full Body Rebounding Party


This workout is jam packed with so much from start to finish.  We begin our party with rebounding, working for 1 minute on each move and we have 8 exercises to get through. At the end of each section you have 45 seconds recovery before we move on.  There are 6 parts to this class in total.

As you can see I have a mixture of light and heavier weights so that the intensity increases as the workout progresses.