Bounce Fit – Add On’s & Series

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Kick Start Series


Kick start year 2022 with this program. Week 1 begins at a slower pace & 10 minute classes, then we gradually increase the time and pace of the classes in weeks 2 & 3.

Mini Moves Series, June 2021


30 different videos all at 5 minutes each. Use them as an add on before or after your main class.

Series 21


Very popular series which we launched at the beginning of 2021. There are 21 classes, each 21 minutes long. Great challenge when you need a focus.

10 Minutes Cardio Blast Bounce, 140BPM


If you have a little left in your tank after a workout, try this 10 minutes bounce at 140BPM. This should finish you off for the day!

10 Minutes Bilingual HIIT


YouTube – A quick 10 minutes HIIT session in Spanish and in English. It’s time we tried out our basic Spanish speaking skills whilst bouncing on the rebounder. Vamenos!!!

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Abs


YouTube – Focusing on abdominals we have 5 exercises, 1 minute each and 2 rounds, giving you your 10 minute workout. Add this after any workout and your stomach will thank you!

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Arms


YouTube – Use it on a day when you might want to focus just on strengthening rather than cardio. 5 exercises, 1 minute each and 2 rounds, giving you altogether a 10 minute workout.

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Balance


YouTube – If you group this together with the leg workout you will most definitely be feeling it. As you will see in the video at the end, my legs are done in. Great for strengthening the core and ankles.

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Legs


YouTube – This isn’t for the faint hearted! You have got squats galore and by the time I had finished this, I was shaking.