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Series 21

10 Minutes Weighted Balance


Slow and steady wins the race and with this class you are going to need to channel that balance and core stability.

This can be performed on or off the rebounder, depending on how hard you want to make it. I am using 3kg weights but there are times we use both or just one, so you may want to have a mixture of sizes available.

A lovely add on class. Oct 2022

10 Minutes Bounce & Box Add On


With or without a partner, with or without a boxing bag, with or without boxing gloves! I don’t mind how you adapt this class as there are many ways to box to the beat. You can shadow box if it’s just you or use a boxing bag to smash. If you are lucky enough to train with a partner then you can both bounce and shadow box together or one uses pads then you redo the video and swap rolls. Enough from me, ding, ding, round 1!

10 Minutes Cardio Blast Bounce, 140BPM


If you have a little left in your tank after a workout, try this 10 minutes bounce at 140BPM. This should finish you off for the day!

10 Minutes Bilingual HIIT


YouTube – A quick 10 minutes HIIT session in Spanish and in English. It’s time we tried out our basic Spanish speaking skills whilst bouncing on the rebounder. Vamenos!!!

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Abs


YouTube – Focusing on abdominals we have 5 exercises, 1 minute each and 2 rounds, giving you your 10 minute workout. Add this after any workout and your stomach will thank you!

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Arms


YouTube – Use it on a day when you might want to focus just on strengthening rather than cardio. 5 exercises, 1 minute each and 2 rounds, giving you altogether a 10 minute workout.

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Balance


YouTube – If you group this together with the leg workout you will most definitely be feeling it. As you will see in the video at the end, my legs are done in. Great for strengthening the core and ankles.

10 Minutes Bounce Fit Add on, Legs


YouTube – This isn’t for the faint hearted! You have got squats galore and by the time I had finished this, I was shaking.

12 Ways to Spice Up A Jumping Jack


YouTube – Jumping Jacks, Star Jumps, whatever you call them, give this 12 minutes of bouncing goodness a try.

The speed of the music is 132 BPM so it will definitely get your heart racing and wake your body up for some rebounding cardio.